Comix- Comix LP

First of two posts today, been meaning to upload this one for some time. Not much information to be found about French coldwave/synthpop act Comix, and this seems to be their one and only full release.

Records show Comix formed as a duo in 1979, consisting of members André Demay and Natan Hercberg. They released two singles and one full length record before their split, and have since been compiled on the stellar BIPPP: French Synth-Wave 1979/85 compilation.

Here’s the info for the 1981 release:

Comix- Comix LP
1. Walkman Video
2. L’amour C’est Magique
3. Le Jeu de la Vérité
4. Touche Pas Mon Sexe
5. L’été de Mes 14 Ans
6. Top Model
7. Toi et le Petit Prince
8. L’amour C’est Gratuit
9. Pomme D’api

*download it here*

17 Responses to “Comix- Comix LP”

  1. soundhead Says:


    nice one!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I liked this, I was surprised by just how New Wavy this was.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Never heard about this lost gem before! Thanks, I love it!


  4. noisepress Says:

    thank you!

  5. link is down..can u re-u`p? cheers.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    i can’t get this one to download. the zshare pages keep looping. please repost when you get a chance? thanks!

  7. so happy i found your blog. We really share sensibilities. You have a perfect ear for this stuff. Congrats.

  8. WOW! that's really nice! bubbly and poppy but still kindof punk feeling. thanks alot!

  9. Péťa Hauzírek Says:

    thank you for this blog.
    could you please repost comix? because zshare is not working (it is linked in cyrcles)

  10. frankie teardrop Says:


  11. Nice post! Thanks !

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Merci !

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks so much! I would love to purchase, but I guess this counts as abandonware? :p

  14. Superb, thanks for uploading!

    May I just say, your website is an absolute goldmine for fans of New Wave and all the associated styles.

    I greatly appreciate your efforts in bringing this obscure music to us all!

  15. anthony motosierra Says:

    wow….years searching for this …thanks for sharing.

  16. robotronik Says:

    Woo!! Thank you so much! I was holding my breath that the download link was still functional after *10 years*. You’re the best!

  17. robotronik Says:

    Also thought I’d plug their other band TGV, and the beautiful instrumental version of their song by the same name.

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