SSQ- Playback LP + Bonus

Synthpop/New Wave outfit SSQ were formed in 1982, changing their name from simply Q and adding two members. The name shift was mostly due to Quincy Jones’ use of the letter for his own production work.

The California-based band released just one record in 1983, but recorded two songs for the Return of the Living Dead soundtrack, released in 1985. Meanwhile, lead singer Stacey Swain’s popularity began to eclipse her remaining bandmates, and the outfit changed their name to simply Stacey Q. Most are familiar with her new wave hit “Two of Hearts,” though the remaining musicians are still credited as SSQ on the sleeves of Stacey Q’s first two records, Better Than Heaven and Hard Machine. The band also released a few tracks without Swain’s vocals, which appeared exclusively on soundtracks. Also worthy of note that core member Jon St. James not only manned the decks for Berlin’s Pleasure Victim LP (the two bands were labelmates over several occasions), but he also released two excellent synthpop records in the mid-1980s. His track “Trans-Atlantic” remains a favorite.

Without any further ado, here’s the information for the band’s lone release as SSQ, 1983’s Playback, complete with extra bonus tracks including b-sides, extended mixes, 3/4 of the original Q 12”, and an infamous soundtrack appearance.

SSQ- Playback LP
1. Synthicide
2. Jet Town
3. Big Electronic Beat
4. Clockwork [instrumental]
5. Screaming In My Pillow
6. Anonymous
7. Walkman On
8. N’importe Quoi
9. Playback
10. In Living Color
11. Video Girl
12. Music’s Gone
13. Shy Girl
14. Trash’s Theme
15. Tonight (We’ll Make Love Until We Die)
16. Big Electronic Beat (Extended)
17. Synthecide (Extended)

Tracks 1-8: LP
9-17: Bonus Tracks

*DOWNLOAD REMOVED BY REQUEST*- stay tuned news about a new SSQ reissue coming soon!

The album featured several singles which appear on Stacey Q’s respective greatest hits reecord. Both “Synthicide” and “Big Electronic Beat” had decent showings during their tenure, but I’m more partial to the penultimate track “Walkman On.” However, it’s been ages since I’ve posted videos on a regular basis, so click below to watch the promotional clip for “Synthicide” in all its shameless glory:

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  1. ShadowtimeNYC Says:

    so. happy. to *finally* have all this!

  2. This has some good ones. Thanks!


  3. Borivoj Says:

    Thanks for sharing! Love it <3

  4. Brilliant, thanks for sharing. I had managed to collect several of these tracks over the years but I never had the whole thing in decent quality.

    Love it!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Here’s a link to the “R-rated” music video version of “Screaming in My Pillow.”

  6. it'salex Says:

    oh i've been missing this album. thank you.

  7. […] synth tracks that still remain classics to date. It’s the kind of sound also explored on the SSQ LP, another personal favorite female-led new wave smash. Fun fact: Both Berlin and Q/SSQ shared labels […]

  8. Thank you so much for making the album available here! This kind of music is my life!

  9. Discovered the SSQ track “Anonymous” from the movie, Beyond the Black Rainbow. Awesome tunes, thank you!

  10. Christopher Says:

    Thank you!!! I’ve been looking for these songs for years (well, I actually had the LP back in the day!).


  11. I actually heard of this band through their song Anonymous from the movie Beyond the Black Rainbow.
    Really good, thank you for making this available.
    Thank you very much. 🙂

  12. Are the bonus tracks from 7″ EP releases? Strange Disc Records is re-issuing the album but it only has two bonus tracks.

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