November Group- Discography

This particular band hails from Boston and mixes coldwave guitars with minimal electronics, shifting gears into more of a synthpop/italo-inspired dance act over the years with plenty of big beats and catchy hooks. Primarily a two piece based around Kearney Kirby and Ann Prim (expanding to a four piece over time), November Group was once known as Wunderkind, but changed their name to reflect a group of German expressionist artists before their first release in 1982.

The band released two 12”s and two mini-LPs , and I’ve tracked them all down for your listening pleasure. Wikipedia seems to list an untitled cassette release with a handful of tracks, but I can’t seem to find any information about it one way or the other. Should this tape actually exist, and should any astute readers have it handy, feel free to send it our way. Check out the tape HERE.

Otherwise, here’s their entire vinyl output for yr perusal:

November Group- November Group Mini-LP (1982)
1. Shake It Off
2. Flatland
3. Pictures Of The Homeland
4. We Dance
5. The Popular Front

November Group- Persistent Memories 12” (1983)
1. Put Your Back To It
2. I Live Alone
3. Night Architecture
4. Heart Of A Champion

November Group- Work That Dream Mini-LP (1985)
1. Volker/Work That Dream
2. Put Your Back To It (Remix)
3. The Promise
4. Arrows Up To Heaven
5. Careful (A Life Is A Fragile Thing)

November Group- Work That Dream 12” (1985)
1. Volker
2. Work That Dream (Extended Mix)
3. Work That Dream (Instrumental)

*download all four releases here* (reuploaded @320kbps on 8.30.16)

24 Responses to “November Group- Discography”

  1. AlyssaPandaEyes Says:

    I love this blog, thank you so much for doing it, I’m finding so many things I’ve been searching years for. I’d like to make two requests I didn’t see with a search of the blog…Artery (I even emailed the band themselves to try and get them and they suggested eBay!). I’d also love some Malaria!
    Thanks again.

  2. Nachete Says:

    Been looking for this for a long time. Thanks so much!!!

  3. Television Says:

    Great collection, thanks!

    I’d also like to hear some Malaria if possible.

  4. ALAN COLOSI 「米国家城創作家」 Says:

    FYI, the November Group cassette from 1989 is “NG ’89”. The tracks are as follows:


  5. mwillard Says:

    Saw them live several times in the 80’s, great show.
    I have the cassette, do you want it?

  6. frankie teardrop Says:

    yes please! feel free to send it on over or upload it below, and i can feature it in a post asap!

  7. mwillard Says:

    It’s the actual cassette, I never converted it into mp3 format. Mailing address?

  8. frankie teardrop Says:

    oh! thanks for the offer! surely, i can convert it and send the tape back to you, if you like? i have the means at my place.

    what’s your email? i can delete it once i email you with my address.

  9. Burl Veneer Says:

    Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you for these! That first EP was a favorite of mine; my college radio station had a copy and I played it on my show a lot, but I could never find a copy for myself. I can't wait to hear it again after all these years!

  10. geronimora Says:

    can i have a copy too; or can you tell me where to listen to it?

    i loved "popular front"

  11. .zerozeroisland. Says:

    thanks! wow november group. i had forgotten about them. i saw them a couple of times in Boston back in the dawn of time. great band.

  12. Thanks for the great blog! Did you ever get that cassette converted to mp3?

  13. new-wave.jhon! Says:

    I have problems on having unloaded the file, itdownload incompletely and damaged. Can you arrange it? thanks.

  14. Superb! Loving “We Dance”, looking forward to hearing the other material.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve been missing this for a long time. (A very long time!) Thanks!

  16. Great band. I still listen to the songs. Saw them warm up for Ultravox way back. I wish they would try and put out a cd of their tracks.

  17. Brett Gordon Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you…. I’ve searched for these songs since 1993 when the “mix tape” I had became lost. 23 YEARS – 23 YEARS later and not only do I have all their songs, but I have them in pristine condition. Someone here deserves a huge hug and a kiss. Thanks so very much for making my past a current memory once again…

  18. Thank you very much for this. I’ve loved this group since they were actively performing. My vinyl rips were okay, but you’ve done much better. I still hope that someday a boutique label will get hold of all of this and put it on one CD or at least make a lossless download available for purchase, but until then, I’m very grateful for these downloads.

    Now if I could only find someone with access to some of the other great Boston area recordings that seem lost in time. I’ve been able to purchase great downloads of Berlin Airlift and Rubber Rodeo, but there is so much else that’s not available. Where are all of the RCA recordings of Robert Ellis Orrall? How about the New Models “Sight and Sound” EP? Human Sexual Response’s “In A Roman Mood”? The album by “The Rings”? Pastiche? Gary Dayton Band? The first couple of albums by the Jon Butcher Axis? There is so much great stuff that came before the digital era that remains lost at this point.

  19. Thank you, preserving almost impossible to find Boston music. Can not thank you enough!

  20. Holy Smokes ! thanks so much. Had these back in the day and wore them out.

  21. Aime DeGrenier Says:

    Thanks so much! I was 17 in 1981 and saw them over the next 5 years so many times! WOW! I would love to remember some of the locations — maybe the Metro? or The Channell? one of the ballrooms?? Spit? what was the club on the outskirts of Central Square, near Tuscanini’s Ice Cream? Not ManRay, on the other side of Mass ave….

  22. Thanks so much! Amazing band, but almost impossible to buy their albums.

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