Outer Circle- Outer Circle 12”

Pardon the delay, but here is the requested Outer Circle LP, released in 1982. An abrasive mix of both guitars and synths, but neither minimal wave or synthpunk, this particular record is definitely a curious oddity in the post-punk spectrum.

Not a lot of information available about this band aside from their US origins, so let’s cut to the chase. Take a listen below!

Outer Circle- Outer Circle LP
1. Blind Venetians
2. The Home Fires
3. Another Moon
4. Inside
5. Broken Children

*download it here*

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  1. Many thanks for posting Outer Circle! I really appreciate it.
    If you have "Bodies Gone" by Power To Dream can you please post that request too,
    Thanks again

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I like this. Very 'art'. I would like to hear their other e.p 'My mona lisa' posted somehow. In case you hadn't seen this, I found this little tidbit of the band 'www.operationphoenixrecords.com/flipsideissue42outercircle11.pdf

    Seems to be a revealing interview. Cheers.



    thanks for this… i really enjoyed broken children awesome track!!!

    any chance for a link exchanger?

    you have an awesome spot thanks again!!

  4. oldskool Says:

    Definitely interesting. I am just listening for the first time and like it a lot. A very creative band that completely managed to avoid usual/boring songwriting, lots of surprises here. I also like their synth sounds. Would like to listen to their later EP. Thank you very much!


    The chronicles of Outer Circle are well documented in the first part of the rock novel "Come Down from the Hills & Make My Baby."

  6. Brad Bechtel Says:

    Ah, but that's only part of it, the part AFTER this EP was released. Guitarist Cole Coonce joined the band and performed on the "My Mona Lisa" EP. This self titled EP was recorded with the following personnel:
    Spit (Steve Spingola) – vocals, clarinet
    Paul Santos – bass guitar
    Brad Bechtel – lap steel guitar
    Pat Collison – synthesizers
    Lee Howell – synthesizers, drums

    No real guitar was used in the recording of this EP.

  7. frankie teardrop Says:

    Thanks for the extra dose of info, Brad! No guitars? Could have fooled me! Excellent job re-creating that abrasive texture!

  8. Frankie, contact me on obtaining the later "My Mona Lisa". I just converted the LP to CD.

  9. for anyone who is interested, i upped "my mona lisa" here: http://www.mediafire.com/?xtnmm5tm2md

  10. Okay, I saw Outer Circle by chance at the Whiskey in LA opening for two of my then favorite local bands, Green On Red and The Dream Syndicate. I didn't know what to expect but when OC came on and started playing I was blown away(perhaps the acid helped) but I subsequently went out and bought their self-titled ep and was again surprised and became a certified fan. I want to thank you for posting this rare e.p., you are indeed awesome! The e.p. was cool, as it has a swirl design and if you stared at it while it spun on the record player and looked at your hand you could see your palm lines moving. Very psychedelic.These guys, had they gone to Europe would've been huge. Cheers, H

    • Howard T. Palmer Says:

      Sorry, it wasn’t The Whiskey but The Roxy. I’m self-corrected. Haha, still anyone reading this should download this gift. I’ve turned people on to this in NUC and they dug it as well. ??

  11. Thanx so much for this, can't wait to give it a listen. 20 years ago saw this band on New Wave Theater called Heroic Struggles which featured the same vocalist. You know the way an internet search is, you go all kinds of places and end up some place totally different. Thanx again.

  12. man, I got to dig that album out of storage and make sure I still have it.
    party'd with spit in LB back in the early 80's, had mutual friends.
    he certainly was a center of attention wherever he was


  13. Anonymous Says:

    Link broken please reupload

  14. frankie teardrop Says:

    Pay attention to the blog.

  15. Qosueor24 Says:

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  16. […] as I can tell this was a short lived project that morphed into the band Outer Circle. The guy at Systems of Romance has their self titled 12″ up for your listening pleasure and the comments are worth reading […]

  17. I saw Outer Circle at the Lhasa Club in Los Angeles in ’83. They were great!

  18. annonymous Says:

    I heard Outer Circle at Madame Wong’s East in Los Angeles I think it 1982 or so. The band sounded great! It’s drummer, Kevo Blast. was outstanding but alas, was replaced by some guy who wasn’t as good. Whatever happened to Kevo Blast and why was he replaced?

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