Move- Move LP

I’ve seen this one on several want lists across the blogosphere. Thanks to Pieter Schoolwerth of Wierd Records for originally lending me this one to rip for you all (though as of 1.2.13, I’ve come across my own copy and have re-ripped it for maximum enjoyment).  Very little information exists about this Italian post-punk/gothic band.  Their sound recalls early Christian Death with a few synth influences.  I was only familiar with “Cosa Domani,” a particularly excellent track that’s good for an aggressive dance floor.

Released in 1986, this is the band’s only proper full length release. Just a year later, however, the band released a split 12” with Gronge, which can be found via Kentucky Fried Wave.  There’s also a demo tape released shortly before this LP, which I’ve since found and uploaded here.

Move- Move LP
1. Any Move
2. Cosa Domani
3. Lei
4. Lo Scoglio
5. Still Smoking
6. When I’m With My Self
7. Quattro E Tre/Quarti

*DOWNLOAD LINK REMOVED* – pick up a reissue of this LP via Mannequin Records!

Happy listening!

11 Responses to “Move- Move LP”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    thanks very much for release, i waited this!)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Great blog! Thanks for this (and the rest). Ciao

  3. englishfog Says:

    Thanks for this rarity.

  4. Vanilla Face Says:

    Thanks for filling the request, I had actually talked to Pieter about a year or two ago when he had sent me Cosa Domani. He was selling a copy on eBay, and like an idiot I let it go =/

    Hope to enjoy this 🙂

  5. frankie teardrop Says:

    he must have had a double! stay tuned from more schoolwerth gems over the weeks to come. who knows what lies deep within that treasure chest of a collection!

  6. Anonymous Says:


  7. i have it eheheh

  8. Anonymous Says:

    any chance of converting the split with Gronge. would love to hear it. thanks in advance!

  9. […] up, we have an incredibly rare cassette from Move, the stellar Italian post-punk band covered here (expect a better rip, or even better- a potential reissue of that LP in the near future). You can […]

  10. Andy Countach Says:

    Thanks for sharing. love it.

  11. […] 1985, ripped by a good friend in Italy.  This tape precedes the Move out Sight cassette and the self-titled LP by a year and change and features a handful of otherwise unreleased songs from the Move catalog, […]

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