Silvia- Silvia LP

Here’s a German minimal synth pleasure for you, dear readers. This upload contains 9 succinct tracks by Silvia, an otherwise unknown German singer. Released in 1982, this is the only record out under her name, but she does also lend her vocals to the Silvi Und Die Awac’s LP, entitled Ich Bin Wie Du.

Astute readers may also be familiar with Tommi Stumpff, underrated German electronics wizard, who performs all of the music on this LP. Perhaps I’ll upload some of his classic material, but in the interim, let’s get to this particular record.

Silvia- Silvia LP
1. Zuerst Ich
2. Ich Bin Nicht Die
3. Mata Hari
4. Mörderinnen Küsst Man Nicht
5. Das Ende Vom Traum
6. Sauf Und Stirb
7. Stammtisch
8. Wintergarten
9. Sex Im Aquarium

*DOWNLOAD LINK REMOVED*—-> Visit Genetic to purchase a CD reissue!

9 Responses to “Silvia- Silvia LP”

  1. awesome record, thanks for posting.


  2. this looks awesome…thanx!

  3. Dissociative Anesthesia Says:

    Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!!

  4. Please note that the Silvia album is available as a CD re-issue from the German label+mailorder Genetic Music, see

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you!
    Silvia did not sing at Silvi Und Die Awacs, Stumpff produced both of them though. Silvia was the girlfriend of Stumpff, and he not only performs the music, but also wrote all the lyrics.

  6. samueljaros Says:

    Amazing ! I had totally forgotten that I hung around for a while with Silvia and Stumpff in Lyon during the summer of 1982…

  7. samueljaros Says:

    On reflection, I am almost certain that Silvia is on and the same as Silvia Sommer credited with some of the vocals on the Silvi und die Awacs album.

  8. […] of P!off?, Neuland, and Silvia should find lots to love here. Some really strange, moody, and wonderful stuff on this […]

  9. Peachy Keen Says:

    I came here looking for more information on this elusive woman..Das Ende Von Traum is so wonderful! It’s how I found her.

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