Various Artists- Mea Pulpa K7

As promised, here’s the Mea Pulpa cassette, released two years before Passage Du Trou Marin and featuring more of the same great coldwave sound! Lots of familiar faces and a few rare treats, as always. Here’s the info:

Various Artists- Mea Pulpa K7
1. Persona- J’Attends
2. Collection D’Arnell-Andrea- Aux Mortes Saisons
3. Bunkerstrasse- Tears
4. Vox Populi- La Grande Plante Fibreuse
5. Dazibao- Sherguei
6. Little Nemo- Cloudy Sky
7. De Medicis- 1944
8. Complot Bronswick- Another Blue World
9. Pavillon 7B- Les Révoltés
10. Lucie Cries- The Fatal Message
11. L’Avis G821- Enemy
12. Asylum Party- Pigs Are Still Alive
13. Neva- Le Clown Est Mort
14. Tuatha De Danann- De Rerum Natura
15. No Words- Cent Masques Sans Illusions
16. Lost Desert- Sunrise
17. The Grief- Something Wild
18. Les Enfants De L’Ombre- Geste Pâle

Tracks 1-8: Pulpae Corpus
Tracks 9-18: La Mort Du Poulpe

*download it here*

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  1. Anonymous Says:


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Do you have any full albums by No Words?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    hey i'm trying to find this:

    Mark Lane – Who's Really Listening 1984

    any chances that you have it?
    can't find any rips that work.

  4. yyesod9 Says:

    Thank a lot for this wonderful K7 ! I had it but my radiotape ate it 20 years ago !

  5. […] As for Lost Desert, little is known about this French band, though the tracks scattered across various compilations are some of the strongest female fronted French coldwave tracks, mixing both organic instruments and New Order-esque electronics.  In fact, one of their most discovered tracks is aptly named “Tribute to New Order,” which appears on the excellent Supercherie compilation.  Other tracks appear on New Horizon’s Nos Années Folles and the excellent Mea Pulpa cassette, previously posted here. […]

  6. […] seems to get better with each listen.  The band also released several cassettes, appeared on many compilations, and issued a collection on Minimal Wave in 2007 which collected many of the band’s earliest […]

  7. Hello I am one of the editors of “Mea Pulpa and “Passage du trou marin””tapes; 26 years ago already.
    It is a very long time I did not listen to the tape and I have no digital copy.
    It’s with a real pleasure that I found your blob and to see that this is still interesting people so many years later. I do not think we had any idea bout this.
    Best regards

  8. This is definitively the most beautiful album in humankinds history ♥

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