The Twins- Passion Factory & Modern Lifestyle LPs

Today’s post contains two classic LPs from German synthpop/minimal band The Twins. A duo at heart, consisting of Sven Dohrow and Ronny Schreinzer (not related, naturally), the band released several albums over the course of the 1980s and 1990s, issuing several live, remix, and rarities records into the new millennium. While their last proper LP was released in 1993, the band has reactivated for several live performances in their homeland over the past few years.

Inspired primarily by bands like Depeche Mode, OMD, John Foxx, Devo, and The Human League, their earliest works were dance floor fillers, adding a little italo-esque edge for good measure. Astute club-goers may recognize tracks as “The Desert Place” and “Face to Face – Heart to Heart.”

As a proper introduction to the band’s oeuvre, i’ve zipped up the band’s first two LPs, 1981’s Passion Factory and 1982’s Modern Lifestyle. Expect catchy synth lines, steady drum machine rhythms, and shameless hooks throughout both records. Here’s the breakdown:

The Twins- Passion Factory
1. The Passion Factory
2. X-Ray Eyes
3. Satellite City
4. Runaway
5. Electric Bats
6. The Desert Place
7. Night, Lights and Shadows
8. Younger Days
9. Wet Season
10. Synthetic World

The Twins- Modern Lifestyle
1. Modern Lifestyle
2. Face to Face – Heart to Heart
3. Regret
4. Knights of Old
5. Automatic Man
6. New Days, New Ways
7. Gilded Cage
8. I’m Staying Alive
9. Birds and Dogs
10. N 4

*download both here*

7 Responses to “The Twins- Passion Factory & Modern Lifestyle LPs”

  1. nice! thanx for sharing!

  2. Fernando Says:



  3. Crash The Driver Says:

    These are terrific albums, by a band I had not previously been unaware of. If you find a lot of what passes as NDW just a little too dadist and noisy, if you prefer your eighties fix to match lush string synths, longing vocals and metronomic beats, if OMD and Ultravox are you're groove thang, these will be welcome additions. Thanks SOR!

  4. Anonymous Says:


  5. rgratzer Says:

    This is great. Thanks!

    I'd also add Gary Numan to that inspiration list. Similar synth lines/sounds at times.

  6. dining room table Says:

    These albums are wonderful. Thank you for sharing it. By the way I like your blogs. The layout is cool. It has black background but it still looks good.

  7. […] Just found this killer synthpop single- a playful two track 12” from Trash X, released in 1988. It’s the band’s only release, and was engineered by Ronny Schreinzer of The Twins. […]

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