Second Decay- Killing Desire 12”

After all these years, this band should be a household name for synth afficianados. Dark Entries has been gracious enough to re-release the band’s debut record, La Décadence Électronique, but the Second Decay story began in 1989 with the Killing Desire 12”, which set the tone for their detached, yet incredibly catchy sound.

For those unfamiliar, Second Decay were a German duo, consisting of Andreas Michael Sippel and Christian Stephan Purwien. This 12” was, according to Discogs, the first and only 12” on Hit Wave Records, and the first of several killer releases by the band, whose last record appeared in 2001. Without any further delay, here’s the info:

Second Decay- Killing Desire 12”
1. Killing Desire
2. My Thoughts
3. No Time To Wait

*download it here*

Click here to purchase a copy of the band’s debut LP, released for the first time on vinyl!

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  1. this track was to appear on the re-issue of La Décadence Électronique but it couldn't fit cause the songs were too bass heavy and ate up all the vinyl!!!! stay tuned!

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