Dave Ball- Rare Tempo 12”

This one comes as a generous donation, and supplements Dave Ball’s full length LP, which you can nab over at Mutant Sounds.

For those unfamiliar, Dave Ball was most famous as the second half of Soft Cell, but also was a member of The Grid as well as an esteemed producer. Though Soft Cell didn’t split until 1984, Ball released a solo record and a string of 12” singles in 1983, collaborating with the likes of Gavin Friday (Virgin Prunes) and Genesis P-Orridge (Psychic TV, Throbbing Gristle, etc.). In fact, this particular 12” features each of the three collaborative tracks, with Friday on the first and P-Orridge on the remaining two. The version of “Man In the Man” on this 12” is slightly different from the LP version (mostly clipping ten seconds of strange sounds at the beginning), but it looks like the other two songs are identical to their album counterparts, but might be a bit cleaner and crisper than the album provided above. Either way, it’s a nice additional nugget to any self-respecting synth collection! Here’s the information:

Dave Ball- Rare Tempo 12”
1. Strict Tempo
2. Man in the Man
3. Sincerity

*download it here*

5 Responses to “Dave Ball- Rare Tempo 12””

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Amazing oddball wave! Thanks!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Great stuff – thanks! Never knew this existed…


  3. the saucer people Says:

    And of course don't forget the music he did with GPO for the 1984 Decoder soundtrack album! I imagine most people who visit here are well acquainted with the film but just in case not, I suggest you immediately jump to a torrent search engine and download it and love me for ever: still in my top five of films after 25 years and the soundtrack is well worth getting….

    ….information is like a bank…our job, your job is to rob the bank….GPO

  4. HELLO ! can you post the entire album ?

    in srict tempo ?
    thank you !

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