The Plague- Naraka LP

Now here’s something for all you deathrock/post-punk kids. Up on the slab is the lone LP from NY’s very own The Plague, self-released in 1987. With tracks titles such as “Vampyre” and “Suicide Queen,” you can expect some witchy female vocals, thrashy guitar riffs, and other such gothic sounds, which should be right at home for fans of the genre.

The Plague- Naraka LP
1. Naraka
2. Vampyre
3. Murder
4. Suicide Queen
5. Empress
6. Never Die
7. Paradise of Pain

*download it here*

9 Responses to “The Plague- Naraka LP”

  1. Curious Guy Says:

    Always wanted to hear this one. Fritz didn't think much of it but now I can have my own opinion. It's not bad but nothing earth-shattering as well.
    Don't know if it's your own rip Frankie but there's a nasty skip in the beginning of 'Empress'. Just want you to know.

  2. frankie teardrop Says:

    I actually have a second copy of this album sitting at my house, so I'll take this down for now and sort out the skip on 'Empress' and then reupload with the amended tracklist. Thanks for the head's up, Curious Guy!

  3. Curious Guy Says:

    Thanks Frankie. Actually I'm glad you're one of the few bloggers who rip their own records themselves.

  4. Fritz die Spinne Says:

    I have not bothered to dig this out in ages. Listening again with fresh ears a few years later…The opening tracks set me on the wrong path to disliking the release as usual, but I'm finding tracks 3, 4, 5 a bit more tolerable. 6 would be OK, but the flute is irksome, and 7 is not bad.

    As part of the NYC scene, it is great to have kicking around. Thanks Frankie.

  5. […] kids. The Plague LP link has been restored. Click here for the amended post. As promised, the track order has been fixed, and the skip on […]

  6. Jesse Oor Says:

    Really digging this, hell yeah. Thanks for the share and exposure.

  7. You have my immense gratitude for this post. I didn’t know about this release before I came here. I greatly enjoyed it.

  8. White#Trash Says:

    Hi Frankie, this installment actually isn’t operative, don’t work. Could you resolve the problem??? Redundancy or else? Uuuhhhmmmmmm…..

    Giantest thanx for your existance!!


  9. Never Die
    I love this music

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