Figures on a Beach- Swimming 12”

Here’s the debut 12” by new wave/new romantic band Figures on a Beach, released in 1983. A little more poppy than I usually go for, but there’s tons of great hooks and melodies here, especially in the title track.

The band formed in Michigan (relocating to Boston) and released three LPs and a handful of singles before splitting in 1991. Their tracks are generally cult staples of the era, and can still be heard in some clubs to date. After splitting, Chris Ewen went on to play with Stephin Merrit in the Future Bible Heroes project, a more new wave offshoot of The Magnetic Fields. Ewan provided the new wave/disco backdrop for the band.

Though I do enjoy the majority of the band’s discography (including the Don Was-produced track- “Breathless“), this 12” is by far my favorite. Here’s the information:

Figures on a Beach- Swimming 12”
1. Swimming
2. Feel Like Glass
3. Decay
4. Everything But Heaven

*download it here*

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  1. thanks for this one, hope u can also post some their albums…..

  2. Kinetic form Says:

    Amazing blog! thanks for all the great goodies you have here!

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  4. Thanks for the kind words. For the record, my last name is spelled "Ewen".

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