X-Quadrat- X-Quadrat 12”

Almost forgot I had this one kicking around. Thanks to bx59cppw for the nudge! This is a classic German 12”, released in 1982. Four tracks of synth weirdness here. Post-punk rhythms, fast minimal synth arpeggiations, and a very NDW approach to things, all wrapped up in four short, but incredibly sweet tracks. The Tonträger 58 Hagen label also released the Kein Mensch 7”, a similarly great release.

Not much more to be said about this one, so let’s get to the good stuff:

X-Quadrat- X-Quadrat 12”
1. Kauf Dir Die Freiheit
2. Immer Und Ewig
3. Der Digitaltanz
4. Information

*download it here*

4 Responses to “X-Quadrat- X-Quadrat 12””

  1. Uber-thanks for "Immer Und Ewig",
    i was missing/searching that specific track from this 12'' for ages!

  2. guy smiley Says:

    another gem uncovered.
    let the salvage operation continue


  3. Masterpiece – simple as that!

  4. diggin this!

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