Movement- Perfect Day 7”

I know I promised the Systems of Romance vol. 2 compilation, and that will definitely be coming later in the week, possibly as soon as tomorrow, so stay tuned for that! For now, I’d like to kick off my favorite month with a 7” I’ve been meaning to post for some time. Contained within we have the debut single by French coldwave act Movement, released in 1983.

Generally a three piece band (with rotating members until their split in 1987), Movement released two full length LPs, a cassette, and two 7” records before their demise. You can get their first untitled record on Contorsion (Baroque Bordello, Bonaparte’s, Opera Multi Steel) over at Dreams and Voices. You can expect more of the same synth-driven guitar wave tracks as the full length, a familiar treat for fans of that Coldwave sound! Here’s the info:

Movement- Perfect Day 7”
1. Perfect Day
2. Disfiguration

*download it here!*

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