Nemesy- Nemesy LP

Up on the slab today is an underrated classic italo LP by Nemesy, released in 1985. As with most italo projects, I can’t seem to dig up any concrete information about the parties involved, except that there seems to be three main contributors, judging from album artwork and scattered credits. Paolo Bocchi (Passengers, F.A.S., David Gray) was also involved with the mixing process for this LP.

Expect some fantastic glossy hooks here, smooth female vocals, killer instrumentals, and everything else you’d expect from an essential italo LP. Both versions of ‘Arabian Sacrifice’ are among the standouts, as well as ‘I Wanna Dance’ and ’24 Hours, two singles released before the LP. Here’s the details:

Nemesy- Nemesy LP
1. 24 Hours
2. Touch
3. Arabian Sacrifice (Sacrifice Version)
4. You Can, You Can
5. We Play The Music
6. Arabian Sacrifice (Arabian Version)
7. I Wanna Dance

*download it here*

3 Responses to “Nemesy- Nemesy LP”

  1. This is a mostly good one, but is 'Arabian Sacrifice (Sacrifice Version)' really a song built around them hocking up phlegm & spitting? Gross…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    They have been under evaluated the Nemesy the duo disbanded in the late 80s
    Marco Carluccio (voice) and author is now a successful businessman living in Turin Italian

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