Schmaalhans Weltraum- Samovar 7” + Bonus Tracks

Here’s something a little more club-oriented for you minimal synth fans out there. Included within is the complete discography of Swedish duo Schmaalhans Weltraum. Their entire discography consists of just four tracks- one 7”, one compilation appearance, and one loose track. Short blasts of synth perfection, IMO.

The 7” dates back to 1991, while the compilation (Faces and Images) also contains several EBM and synthpop gems in this vein. Soon after these releases, Schmaalhans Weltraumm became Blomma, who dropped two releases into the 1990s.

Here’s the info for these four killer tracks, which should feel right at home on any dancefloor:

Schmaalhans Weltraumm- Samovar 7”
1. Samovar
2. Dr. Läderbär

Bonus Tracks:
1. Montagne Du Boef (from Faces and Images Compilation, 1991)
2. Maschinenmann*

*download it here*

*Quick correction. This track is NOT Schmaalhans Weltraum, but by a Swiss synth band called simply Schmalhans. If you still want it- grab that here!

3 Responses to “Schmaalhans Weltraum- Samovar 7” + Bonus Tracks”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    ThankYou very much! These guys were "friend of a friend" I knew many years ago, 1993 or so, and he played this single for me. I remember I really liked it then, so it will be great to hear it again after all these years. Great to hear pieces of old swedish underground electro (and everything else of course!!) via Your site. Thanks for Your work!!!

  2. Hi, nice post
    But Maschinenmann (on Helvetic Art Compilation) is from Schmalhans, with one a and without Weltraum, a Swiss act. A great track too

  3. oldskool Says:

    I agree, all four tracks are worth listening or even fantastic! Thank you!

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