X-Offender- Dreaming 12”

Another excellent Italian release from 1986 up on the slab today, a true gem and rarity. Absolutely no info to be found about these four mysterious fellows, but their label, Urgent Records, also issued early singles by Litfiba and Neon. The band only issued one futher track, called “Wehrmacht,” which appears on the 391 Umbria K7 with Aidons La Norvege, another Italian band.

You can expect some gloomy synth here, with excellent bass grooves and melodic vocals. Definitely essential, especially for fans of bands like Storung and Into a Circle. Two different sounds, I know, but let’s see what you all make of it… Here’s the details:

X-Offender- Dreaming 12”
1. Dreaming
2. What Is Smile?
3. Help To Helpless
4. The Stone Wood

*download it here*

As a brief aside, I’ve recently constructed two DJ mixes for various publications. The first, for VESSEL, features a more synth-driven sound while the second, for Zaptown mag, is of the coldwave/post-punk variety. Here they are, for your listening pleasure:

VESSEL playlist
Zaptown playlist

2 Responses to “X-Offender- Dreaming 12””


    nice guitars, especially on Help To Helpless…


    Found a NM copy of this and it's a gem…thanks again for this post…

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