Alan Shearer- Dark Is the Color LP

Sorry for the onslaught of posts, folks! Got ants in the pants, I guess- lots of cool things I’m excited about posting in the new year. This one was just sent to me this morning by Mr. BX, and since I’ve been dying to hear it for some time, I figured some of you might be anxious to hear it as well.

Contained within we have the first LP from French musician Alan Shearer, released in 1985. I included the final track on this LP in the recent Systems of Romance compilation post, so some of you may already be familiar with this album’s general vibe. You can expect more of the same instrumental synth grooves here, some more melodic and ambient than others. Reminds me of a cross between Tangerine Dream and some of John Carpenter’s more dancefloor electronic tracks. Definitely an interesting listen!

Alan Shearer- Dark Is the Color LP
1. The Heart Patrol
2. Dark Is The Color
3. Generation V
4. Chronomaster
5. Nocturnal March
6. The Flea Age
7. Tropical Terminal
8. Only For One Girl
9. Blackstone
10. Down Town
11. Sons Of The Snake

*download it here*

11 Responses to “Alan Shearer- Dark Is the Color LP”

  1. would love to check this out, but it seems mediafire is either messing up or there's no files in the zip?

  2. frankie teardrop Says:

    all seems well here, good sir. refresh and give it another whirl?

  3. I've found that, from time to time and apparently with no reason, one or other of the filehosting/download sites will refuse to play ball. They'll usually just 'get stuck in a loop': get to the bit where the file should start to download, then go back to the first 'link' page again.

    However, I accidentally discovered a simple way around this problem: use Firefox for such sites/links. This usually seems to work. I'm not actually a habitual Firfox user, but it has come in handy for this purpose at least.

    Usually, it's Mediafire or ZShare that plays up in this way, but I've known it happen with other sites as well.

    I hope this helps, BCR.

    Oh, and thank you for the album, as ever, Frankie – much appreciated!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    An excellent hard to find gem from 1985..A HUGE THANK YOU for this one..

  5. thanks so much for all these great tracks!

  6. momentform Says:

    Thanks for this release. For some reason, it reminds me of Castlevania soundtrack.
    yes, the videogame. Maybe because of the organ.

  7. Anonymous Says:

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  8. please reup… the file is missing.

  9. […] released in 1984. Generally, it follows the same vibe as his excellent sophomore release (uploaded here in case you missed it). All instrumental once again, with some surprisingly poppy moments mixed in […]

  10. Beckmann Says:

    Stylish & addictive…


  11. wow!! thanks a lot for that

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