Claude Raines- Claude Raines LP

I’ve been meaning to post this LP for months now, don’t know why it’s taken me so long. Up on the slab is the lone LP by Claude Raines, a US based guitar-driven post-punk band from Rochester, NY. Rochester must’ve been a great breeding ground for awesome, underrated post-punk, between this LP and of course, Eleven Pond. In fact, Cedric Herrera, vocalist for this band, was also the singer of Red Violet Red, the band that preceded Eleven Pond!

The closest touchstones for this 1987 LP include The Church, The Chameleons, Psychedelic Furs, and The Snake Corps, complete with the big guitar driven sound of all those bands. Perhaps a bit of a R.E.M./Grapes of Wrath vibe as well, just a bit heavier than either of those bands tend to run. According to the band’s Myspace page, run by an official member, they are hoping for a reissue and are looking for interested parties or labels who could make it happen. Hopefully this post here can bring this excellent LP to more widespread attention. Feel free to reach out to the band!

Claude Raines- Claude Raines LP
1. All Of The Days
2. No Talk
3. Stumbling Hard
4. Looking Around (Acoustic Mix)
5. Moving Through The Fields
6. Dancing
7. Looking Around
8. Going Under

*download it here* (RE-RIPPED 9.25.17)

Lots to post in the coming weeks, including a the full Thierry Meyer 7”, an uncovered gem from Jih, and more!

8 Responses to “Claude Raines- Claude Raines LP”

  1. Thanks for sharing….!
    Good Music.

  2. This is good,but not what I was expecting as a post-punk lp. But, fits very well in my ears as late 80's indie. I think the right label would be well to re-issiue this :).


    Good recommendation – I just found (at a good price) a nice vinyl copy. Looking forward to spinning this tonight.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Great band. Give it a period correct mix and re-issue this somebody. Going Under is a killer track.

  5. Late to the party as usual. I just found this page via a search yesterday and an email I got today. This band is fantastic and I really wish a recording label would do a re-issue on CD. There are a handful of Vinyl copies about, but I no longer have a record player.

  6. I am thrilled to read these very positive & kind comments.

  7. Thank you for all the praise! I am thrilled that people enjoy this.
    Cedric Herrera

  8. Check out Cedric Herrera’s PITCH BLACK on Reverb nation .com 3/4 of RED VIOLET RED.

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