Berlin- The Metro 7”

Stick with me on this one folks. Any fan of new wave should already be familiar with Berlin, the Los Angeles based band led by Terri Nun and John Crawford. If you are unfamiliar with the band, please direct your attention here. While it’s their later ballads and more commercial wave tracks that seem to be remembered, it’s prudent to note that the band’s first few releases were fantastic and rare entries to the US minimal synth scene. Information, the band’s first LP, was the closest thing to Ultravox in the west coast scene, while songs like “The Metro” and “Sex (I’m A)” from 1982’s Pleasure Victim were fast paced, sexually driven synth tracks that still remain classics to date. It’s the kind of sound also explored on the SSQ LP, another personal favorite female-led new wave smash. Fun fact: Both Berlin and Q/SSQ shared labels throughout their tenure, and Jon St. James of the latter outfit is credited as an engineer for Berlin’s Pleasure Victim LP. Incestuous!

I had originally purchased this 1981 issue of The Metro to DJ, not just for the foxy picture of Terri Nun on the back, but also figuring it’s far easier to pack a 7” than a 12”. When it comes to wax, real estate is key, so it just made sense to purchase, spatially. Just yesterday, I needed a fix for “Tell Me Why” and went for Youtube, only to be presented with a much more raw and driving mix than I remembered. Lo and behold, it’s the same version on this 7”, released a year before the EP cut! A little bit of research quickly told me that this Berlin single I purchased ages ago was actually quite the rarity in their catalog, as both tracks appear in an earlier form. The differences are most notable in “Tell Me Why,” though “The Metro” also features a different intro and what seems to be a different drum track. Either way, I’m happy to include this single here, and hope you kids enjoy it!

Berlin- The Metro 7”
1. The Metro
2. Tell Me Why

*download it here* (re-ripped 5.30.13)

Also, for those who want to try to own this obscurity, there are currently a few copies for sale via discogs. Buyer beware, wink wink!

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  1. "The B-Sides" with host JennaX Says:


  2. Anonymous Says:

    <3 Berlin. Great entry Frank.

  3. funny enough this is on the same label as the early SSQ material, MAO Records!

  4. frankie teardrop Says:

    well that explains a lot!

  5. Joshua Says:

    I'd sure love to see a Berlin "Information" post on here–hint hint!


  6. 22ndWave Says:

    Hey, really good, rare music here. I'm basically trying to hunt down a seemingly impossible to find 7" in MP3 format called 'Burning Sun' by 'East Of Java'. wouldn't suppose its somewhere amongst your record stacks? : )

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for this…great stuff.
    …and I missed the SSQ link the first time around, and the download link doesn't work. Any chance for a re-post?


  8. Viacomclosedmedown on youtube Says:

    thnks I wll b xplrng yr blg nw gd stff nd clck m plc fr th nthr Brln lnk.

  9. frankie teardrop Says:

    Bill, SSQ has been reuploaded!

    Joshua, you can get Information here:

  10. It also reminds me of Eyes of God, which you posted last year.

  11. Many thanks for uploading this incredibly rare Berlin 7″.

    I think it’s a great pity that most people only think of Take My Breath Away when you mention Berlin.

    They were such a better band than that (indeed that wasn’t even their song, Terri Nunn just sang over Giorgio Moroder’s music).

    This first 7″ of the Metro is indeed the rarest Berlin release. It regularly sells for $100 on eBay.

    I thought my 7″ of Fascination was rare, but not worth quite as much apparently!

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  13. Konrad Arflane Says:

    I see this was released on M.A.O. records who also released the 1st Null And Void mlp “Happiness And Contempt”. Not sure if you’ve heard that or not Frankie, but there are a few great tunes on that disc, particularly, Un Sedatif Ce Soir, Dogs of Christ, & Revlon / Good Buy.

  14. White#Trash Says:

    Hi, I’ve seen this evening, in Discogs this item, U.S. sellers at $499.99.

    W h a t A p r i c e ! ! ! !

    In analog case i said and written: please don’t shop, please don’t shop….

    We aren’t chicken plucking, ha!!!!!!

    Frankie is the best, everywere!!!!

    G-ings Wh#Ts

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