Lulabox- Lulabox CD

Here’s another post that ties in with the last one, only this time I have a more nostalgic connection to this record, as I loved it way back when and have recently rediscovered it, so to speak. I actually first heard the single and leadoff track from this record as part of the Pet Sematary II soundtrack, a pretty rotten (but kind of a guilty pleasure) flick with several alternative/shoegaze/etc. songs backing it. I was hooked from the get-go, and also fell pretty hard for the Mary Chain’s “Reverence” as well. Nothing like a 10 year old singing “I wanna die just like Jesus Christ” around the house…

Most notably, this three piece project featured guitar contributions from Michael Cozzi, who was active in Shriekback and Lively Art mainstay Sky Cries Mary. I believe the band was based in the US, and had a sound similar to Lush, Curve, etc. Plenty of hooks and electronically driven fuzzed out bliss to be had here throughout the entire LP, which was released in 1992. Here’s the details:

Lulabox- Lulabox CD
1. Ride On
2. Love Street
3. I Believe
4. Ivory Hill
5. Prayer For Rain
6. Choked
7. Wild Cherry Bark
8. Giving It All Away
9. Precious Thing
10. Ava
11. Ride On (Velocity Mix)
12. I Believe (Below The Belt Mix)

*download it here*

The band seemed to have some major promotion behind them, as three videos exist for this album. You can click the embedded link for “Ride On,” the song that started my adolescent obsession with this LP. You can also catch the video for “Choke” here and “I Believe” here .

7 Responses to “Lulabox- Lulabox CD”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I totally remember this song! Wish it wasn't attached to such a campy movie. Looking forward to hearing the whole LP!

  2. Plastiquegal Says:

    Wow…lulabox. That kind of brings me back to pulling older cd's from the radio station at college. lulabox…havent thought about them probably since the 90s. wow. lulabox. that is certainly a dig.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I do not remember this from that movie actually.I only remember L7 'cause that band was stuck in my brain around then.9th-10th grade?


  4. frankie teardrop Says:

    …and L7 from Natural Born Killers, too! I was 10 when PSII and this record came out.

  5. Saludos agregado a ENLACES
    pon un link gracias

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Yow! This one is a 'new favorite' to me, thanks!

    I very much appreciate the 320 kbps bitrate. I been taking care of my hearing since I was a (much younger) kid and I can hear the difference, even on cheap equipment.

    192 kbps is the "default" mp3 bitrate because the codec developers were looking for a compromise between quality and file size. An mp3 @ 320 is 60% larger than the same one @ 192, but I think it's worth it…

  7. Zaki from Malaysia Says:

    I just wanna say thank you. I’ve been looking for Lulabox for my whole life since I saw some snowboarding doc that featured their song I Believe. I actually bought the CD in Canada, but somehow I lost it. For almost ten years, I’ve been tracking the band down again, and Internet comes up almost zilch. Then I came across you. I’ve downloaded and enjoyed the hell out of it! It’s too band’s gone, and maybe for the best for they are up against Curve during the 90’s. Still they deserve better. From Malaysia, I thank you.

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