Negatives In Colour- Caught In Possession 7”

Here’s the lone 7” from Negatives In Colour, a new wave band from the UK. The single is a donation from the great bx59cppw, and comes complete with the blessing of Peter Fenwick, the band’s drummer.

Unlike many of the bands featured here at Systems of Romance, there’s actually quite a bit of information to be found about the band, thanks to a new website and reverbnation page, which features several unreleased tracks. To briefly paraphrase, this five piece outfit formed in 1982, enjoying some nice exposure thanks to a BBC Oxford Roadshow appearance alongside Duran Duran, at the peak of their powers in 1983. This particular single earned a bit of success on The Tube, a program on Channel 4. The band split after a brief lineup change, but I’m told that Peter and Roland Rands are still playing together in a covers band.

One other track was officially released on the One Giant Leap compilation in 1983, which fetches some pretty crazy prices when it appears. You can find that one on the first edition of the Crispy Nuggets various artists comps.. Peter also tells me that the BBC Oxford session tracks have been made available for download here, so be sure to snag those as well. I’m particularly fond of “Shadow Walk.”

Here’s the info for the 7”:

Negatives In Colour- Caught In Possession 7”
1. Caught In Possession
2. Every Man

*download it here*

In closing, there may be a one-off reunion appearance of the band in the works for the fall, so if you live in the UK, keep your eyes peeled!

5 Responses to “Negatives In Colour- Caught In Possession 7””

  1. MIke Brandon Says:

    Ace post.

    – MIke, NYC.

  2. Tape Generation Says:

    I went to see these guys last night (i know the bass player). They were brilliant, a sound a little similar to early REM.
    I took some photos, which can be seen here:

  3. […] in 1982. Another track appears on SOR vol. 3. 10. An unreleased track from the UK band featured here. 11. Also from the 8 Essential Attitudes comp. Guitar-driven smash, and not the same post-Sisters […]

  4. Matt workman Says:

    Any chance of a reupload of the BBC sessions?

  5. Close to The Names.

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