The Pollen- Contrasts Mini-LP

A recent, but welcome discovery, I’ve had this record in my possession for a few weeks now, and I’m just now finally able to offer it up here for you all to enjoy. Here we have a mini-LP from French band The Pollen, produced by The Sound’s Adrian Borland. Naturally, you can expect some great post-punk sounds here, more of the dreamy variety. The album strikes me as a cross between Lush & Lively Art acts, with a little bit of that Borland magic thrown in for good measure.

Released in 1988, this record is more my cup of tea than their second LP Colours and Make Believe, which was released a year later. The follow up seems a little more indie-flavored, as opposed to the cold sounds on this release, but perhaps I’ll reassess it down the line. I also have a 12” from the same era that fits more with this album, and will post that as soon as I have the chance!

The Pollen- Contrasts Mini-LP
1. Killer
2. Military Tactics
3. Faraway
4. Like The Wind
5. Peel The Skin
6. Breaking Out
7. Hard Times

Check here for the CD rip for this & a bonus 12”.


9 Responses to “The Pollen- Contrasts Mini-LP”

  1. Greg Schaal Says:

    Thanks for sharing this! As a huge fan of The Sound and Cocteau Twins, this is hitting the spot.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    This one is better than I expected! Thank you muchly!

  3. nice one! thank you!

  4. Remind Me To Smile Says:

    I know these guys, they released a 12 inch called The Factory Hours. Thanks!

  5. redchapterjubilee Says:

    One of the best things I've pulled down from here. Thank you!

  6. frankie teardrop Says:

    More where that came from, including that 12'' mentioned above!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    J'ai un cd de Pollen qui date de 1990 "Colours and make believe". Il semble que cela soit leur deuxième album. Si cela interesse l'auteur de ce blogg…

  8. Really enjoyed this. Would be more than happy to hear that "unfocused full length."

  9. […] posted a few entries back, here’s a post that is both supplemental and one which renders the previous post obsolete. Contained within we have the band’s 12” release, Factory Hours, as well as […]

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