Coldreams- Morning Rain 7”

It’s almost time for Thanksgiving here in the States, and I’ve got quite a few things to be thankful for. Most pressingly, I’m thankful for this generous donation of a newly acquired, re-ripped, and cleaned up version of one of the greatest French gems in existence. As a huge champion of the French coldwave sound, you guys should know that this is no small statement. Fans of the genre should already be familiar with these two gloomy pieces of perfection, as this 1986 single been re-posted several times over the years, but not with such loving attention to quality and fidelity.

Experience it again this holiday season, for the first time!

Coldreams- Morning Rain 7”
1. Morning Rain
2. Eyes

*download it here*

5 Responses to “Coldreams- Morning Rain 7””

  1. great band, and great blog my friend, just incredible sounds from the 80's.

  2. rainscience Says:

    Can you recommend something like this wonderful piece? I like it a lot.. Thanks for uploading it!

  3. frankie teardrop Says:

    a few come to mind:
    exces nocturne
    therese racket
    violet town- 'torn inside'
    repetition- 'the still reflex'
    formes nouvelles

    all of which have a similarly gloomy atmosphere on certain tracks. otherwise, if you're new to coldwave on the whole, i HIGHLY recommend bands such as asylum party, opera de nuit, mary goes round, end of data, norma loy, little nemo, etc. top shelf stuff and among my all time favorites!

  4. […] the best French 7”, second only to Coldreams’ classic Morning Rain, previously exhumed here. Like Coldreams, this one has also been posted in the past, but never at the greatest sound […]

  5. Kumar Mukul Sahai Says:

    My life fantasy love ❤. She made me aware of this song which I could never forget till I died. Why not more of her voice. Heart ❤

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