Diastereomer- Mothersun 7”

This will likely be my last post until after the holidays, so why not end this year (my fifth) with an extremely rare and extremely top shelf 7” from Japan!

I first discovered this Japanese duo through a Youtube clip, and have been playing their tracks almost nonstop at the weekly Wierd records party ever since. This particular 7” dates back to 1989 and was released on Puppets records, a private press label that was also home to Sect Commune, co-producer of this gem. High school friends Yoshio Fukumitsu and Katsuya Shoman took turns singing on these tracks (Fukumitsu sang and contributed lyrics to the A-side, while Shoman wrote the music to both tracks and is responsible for the vocals and lyrics of the flip). Both played synths, with Fukumitsu also contributing bass and Shoman on piano.

Fans of Xymox, Depeche Mode, OMD, and various darkwave legends both big and small will find lots to love on this record. Many thanks to Katsuya Shoman for the extra info and generous permission to upload these for you all to enjoy!

Diastereomer- Mothersun 7”
1. Mothersun
2. Place

*DOWNLOAD LINK REMOVED* Рcheck out the new Ignition Advancer LP, which collects these tracks as well as a few unreleased gems from the band, via Bitter Lake Recordings.

While I’m here, I just wanted to thank everyone for the wave of support over the years. This blog wouldn’t exist without the camaraderie and interaction of friends, fans, and the musicians who have chimed in with their support and kindness. See you all in 2012!

8 Responses to “Diastereomer- Mothersun 7””

  1. Thanks in return – for all the great music you helped me discover!!

    Great upload btw!

  2. Yes, thank you so much for sharing all this rare and wonderful records with us… a few of them i already knew but mostly unknown stuff. It's such a bizzare and great feeling to discover this music with a "virgin ear" and excitement, like in the good old days. Keep on the good work !

  3. big thanx rom patagonia,great music!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    you are the man!! Lovely hearing you play out as well. Please keep the energy moving.

  5. Chris Sessions Says:

    you're the best Frankie! keep up the good work!

  6. Mr Teardrop, I've just discovered your blog. Keep up the great work, and more power (and music!) in 2012!

  7. I love this release, thank you.
    The 6 track album that these 2 tracks come from is now available to buy on itunes:


    its got some other really good ones on it

  8. Thanks so much for the post!

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