Screaming Trees- Release & Beaten By the Ugly Stick 12”s

Here we have the first two 12”s by Screaming Trees out of the UK. Not to be confused with the grunge band of the same name, Screaming Trees had several 12” releases and a full length throughout the mid-late 1980s, mixing both bludgeoning electronics and industrial textures with club friendly beats. While not primarily EBM, these later releases walked a fine line between the Belgian scene and the 12” mix mentality, with scattered results.

However, the first 12”, released in 1986, is somewhat of an anomaly among the lot, as it has more in common with the UK goth scene at the time with slightly more tribal influences and aggressive guitar work. Think bands like Play Dead, Rebel Christening, and early Clair Obscur. “Incinerator” is my favorite of the lot, but all three tracks are great guitar driven goth tracks. Many thanks to Michael for ripping it and passing it over! Been dying to hear the first piece of the puzzle for quite some time now. I’ve also uploaded the band’s second 12” from the same year, which sounds more in this vein as well.

The band’s label Native Records was also responsible for releases by They Must Be Russians, Darling Buds, UV Pop, and more. The two members of the band, Sean Maloney and Mark Swancott were rather prolific for the time, also releasing music as Count Zero, Success, and Tocsin. Both continued into the 1990s, releasing electronic/techno records.

Here’s the info:

Screaming Trees- Release 12” (Re-Ripped 12/9/22)
1. Release
2. Incinerator
3. Razors In My Mouth

Screaming Trees- Beaten By the Ugly Stick 12”
1. Build On Ice
2. Build On Dust
3. Damage Report

*download it here*

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  1. Thanks for posting these – Found “Iron Guru” in a bargain bin and have looked for more ever since – not the easiest band to Google for unfortunately…

  2. I couldn’t for the life of me find info. on the *UK* Screaming Trees. Had been hunting for a song I’d taped off college radio 20+ years ago, which I thought was called “Build on Glass”-turns out it was either “Build on Dust” or “Build on Ice” (as both are quite similar to each other). Thank you, made my day !

  3. Anybody wanting the full discography/biog of Rotherham’s SCREAMING TREES/SUCCESS/COUNT ZERO – cost ya! but notalot.

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