Message- Demo K7

I know it’s only been a few days since my last post, but Stéphane B. of just passed this over to me and I couldn’t wait to share.  Keeping with recent themes, here’s an unknown and untitled demo tape from Message, previously covered here.  I don’t have titles for any of the songs, though the fourth track is clearly “The Crazy Garden”- the b-side from the 7”.   Can’t notice much of a difference between the two versions, tape murkiness aside.  The other three (untitled) tracks seem to be exclusive to this release.  Really wish they recorded more during their tenure…

No artwork for this one- sorry, kids!

Message- Demo K7
1. Track 01 (Instrumental)
2. Track 02
3. Strange Voice
4. The Crazy Garden

*download it here*

Speaking of coldwave demos, a lot of people have asked about the Coldreams demo tape, which can be found and enjoyed over at Kentucky Fried Wave.

5 Responses to “Message- Demo K7”

  1. Hello

    One of this song is called : strange voice…from the v/a tape

    • Frankie Teardrop Says:

      Thank you Raphael! I haven’t heard the Phantasm Compilation and forgot it existed. Definitely looking for that one, if you know anyone who owns it!

  2. Coldreams demo’s! droooool

  3. Amberthebanshee Says:

    Thank you so much! I have reserached, after I have discovered the track “La dernier nuit” in the internet for the band, but I have found nothing anymore. During my research I came across this site here . Thank you very much

  4. Anonymous Says:

    There’s another song called The Grave. Discovered this from a compilation album

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