Sixth Comm- The Taste For Flesh 12”

It was difficult to choose the final post for 2012, somehow this particular 12” seems more holiday appropriate, in a morbid sort of way.  Now that I think of it, this band is the perfect soundtrack for the end of the world, due this Friday if all goes according to plan.

I’m sure Sixth Comm are no strangers to readers of this blog, as the band was an outlet for Death In June vocalist/percussionist Patrick Leagas, who abruptly left the band in 1985.  Leagas (aka Patrick O’Kill) was the primary force behind the Death In June’s interest in synth/dance-oriented music, and often re-recorded classic DIJ tracks under the Sixth Comm moniker (it may be sacrilege to most, but the DJ in me has a strong preference for Sixth Comm’s version of “Calling“).  The first few Sixth Comm LPs (most of which have been released on iTunes and can be found on LP for modest prices) continue in this vein, mixing dark, beat-heavy electronics and Norse-inspired mysticism.

I originally purchased this 12” for a non-picture disc version of “Othilia” to DJ at the Wierd party, but much to my surprise, I found the version here to be different than the recording that appears on Morthogenisis.  The more well known version of the track clocks in at the same length, though is a more straightforward run through of the song.  The other two tracks on this 12” appear on Morthogenisis, seemingly unchanged.  The alternate version of “Othilia” is worth the price of admission alone, so hopefully even the biggest DIJ fan can find something new to enjoy.

Sixth Comm- The Taste For Flesh 12”
1. Othilia
2. Neiflheim
3. Swan Death

*download it here*

On that note, I just wanted to thank everyone for sticking around during a rather tumultuous year.  It’s been five years and counting, and it’s been a pleasure sharing this music with you.  If we all make it to 2013, here’s hoping for an even better year ahead!  Best to you and yours.

13 Responses to “Sixth Comm- The Taste For Flesh 12””

  1. Here is to another year… bravo and thanks from California

  2. Sorry but I can’t play any of the mp3s I download from here. Any idea why?

  3. Thank you so much for keeping this incredible site going. I almost always love what you post and I look forward to seeing what the new year brings.

  4. hello

    it doesn’t work with media player. it doesn’t recognise mp3 file. 🙁

  5. oh k i did it 🙂

  6. Really digging this. Thanks Frankie!

  7. Great tunes. Thanks Frankie!

  8. I slacked pretty hard on following the site last year. Looking forward to catching up! Thanks for keeping it up. I had my own music blog for about 3 years or so, but I was sharing music that I wasn’t actively collecting anymore, so eventually my queue and interest ran out. It’s great that you’re so actively collecting. And I love that you migrated over to your own domain (and you host the d/ls – I always hosted the d/ls on my blog. most web hosts DO NOT CARE that people are downloading 80mb files from you. I never really understood why people used medi@fire and crap.).

  9. Thanks for you very nice comment !
    After over 25 years I may actually perform this song live for the first time.
    Difficult re visiting the past but …… best regards Patrick / 6comm

    • Frankie Teardrop Says:

      Nice to hear from you, Patrick! Do let me know if you’re in NYC sometime, would love to see a Sixth Comm show.

  10. A superb find. thanks for making the post

  11. yesss! i found it! couldn’t remember the name nor was i sure if it had been here that i had heard it all those years ago … have been crawling this site for close to two hours now 😀 can’t believe it’s still online! thank you so much, frankie – much love from berlin! <3

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