Pavillon 7B- Pavillon 7B LP

A real quick and dirty post here for today- simply because I’ve had little time this week, have had this in the queue for many months, and almost forgot to post it…  Here we have an updated copy of the s/t Pavillon 7B LP from 1987, lovingly re-ripped by the one and only BX.   A true coldwave classic from Dijon, a small town in the east of France, featuring dark and passionate female vocals and thin, mad-carnival synth lines .  One of my favorite LPs, by far- one that seems to get better with each listen.  The band also released several cassettes, appeared on many compilations, and issued a collection on Minimal Wave in 2007 which collected many of the band’s earliest works.   ‘Black Generation’ was also featured prominently on several compilations, including the excellent Transmission compilation from Infrastition, which I’m sure you’ve all heard by now…

Even if you’re already familiar with this one- you’re in for a treat!

Pavillon 7B- Pavillon 7B LP
1. Black Generation
2. Wish
3. Sensation
4. The Sailor
5. Les Nouveaux Abris
6. Sphere
7. +
8. Love Loser
9. Somebody

*download it here*

3 Responses to “Pavillon 7B- Pavillon 7B LP”

  1. I had searched this for several months. Thanks thanks thanks!!

  2. Dan Geist Says:

    Terrific. Sounded like a (minor?) classic on first listen. Looking forward to revisiting this.

  3. sooooo many thanx for this mil gracias from argentina.Brilliant blog and great music for the arriving patagonian winter

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