Eirin Peryglus- Bronson 7”

Here’s an old favorite that the postman just dropped off at my door the other day, so I thought I’d celebrate with a fresh rip of this Welsh synthpop classic.  Released in 1987, this is the first of five releases by the band, and my favorite that I’ve heard to date.   Seriously, the A-side is the perfect mix of powerful female vocals, chorus-heavy guitars, and a rollicking beat, which plenty of synth hooks to keep you coming back for more.  It’s been a regular in my DJ sets for some time, and I’d honestly rank it as one of my all-time favorites, through and through.  The flip is no slouch, either!

Vocalist Fiona Owen was also a member of Plant Bach Ofnus (translation- Timid Little Children), who were a little more on the esoteric side, but no less delightful.  Her husband, Gorwel, was also a member of the project, and the two still make music together to date.

Eirin Peryglus- Bronson 7”
1. Bronson
2. Y Dyn Newydd

*download it here*

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  1. I like what little I’ve heard of Plant Bach Ofnus (‘Llwyd’ is a minor classic), but I didn’t know that they shared a singer with Eirin Peryglus. I’d love to hear some more from both bands if you have any other tracks by them. Thanks for the post.

  2. Thanks for re-upping. I missed it the first time around and I’m glad to be acquainted with it now.

  3. Thank You!

  4. Big thanks!

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