Moral- Dance of the Dolls K7

Here’s a Danish treasure in cassette form. This is the first release from Moral, a female fronted, minimal synth three piece featuring primarily 606 & DR55 driven drum tracks, angular guitar, and sparse melodic synth alongside melodic female vocals. Their second cassette, the excellent Whispering Sons, can be found on the No Longer Forgotten Music blog. The band has also reissued their debut LP And Life Is, on CD with a handful of bonus tracks. They also made an appearance on the amazing Somewhere Outside compilation (and speaking of which, you can expect a post from Næste Uges TV to come in the very near future).

However, I’ve yet to see this tape posted in full, so this should be the final piece of the Moral puzzle. It was released in 1981 on Kubus Kassettes, an industrial and experimental cassette label run by Rob Smit. Moral, despite walking a fine line between hauntingly beautiful synth/guitar-based songs and ambient sound structures, were likely one of the “catchier” bands on the label. Fans of bands like The Vyllies, Vita Noctis, and even early Chris and Cosey should find lots to love here…


Moral- Dance of the Dolls K7
1. Alone
2. I – My Enemy
3. Involuntary PositionI
4. A Break In The
5. Encyst Yourself
6. Dance Of The Dolls

*download it here*

5 Responses to “Moral- Dance of the Dolls K7”

  1. Superb stuff. Thank you, again!

  2. very thanks!

    Do you have “Moral – And Life Is” ?

  3. Cool stuff, thank you!

  4. Saucer People Says:

    This is great! Many thanks for this and the heads up on their other release posted at No Longer Forgotten blog – even though the blog is sadly no longer going, the link is still working fine!

    I was just looking at their And Life Is…And More CD on Discogs, but the only copy is going for nearly £40 so I think I will wait and hope a cheaper one surfaces on eBay!

  5. Days of Broken Arrows Says:

    Great post. I love this cassette.

    An alternate version of this cassette exists. It on a blog called “From The Basement.” Link here:

    At first I assumed it was a remix or a dub of the cassette at a different speed. But as I listened more, it became clear that this is a completely different recording of “Dance of the Dolls.” I guess Moral decided to rethink its approach and re-record it at some point.

    The above blog still has the DL link to it, but the tracks aren’t named or tagged. If that’s important to anyone, here it is with those things:

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