The Supreme Court- The Supreme Court 7”

Here’s one that I was turned on to by Goutroy, who brought the 7” over to my place for a listening party. I tracked my own copy down recently, and I’m still as nuts about it as I was that afternoon.

I can’t tell you much about this Swedish post-punk band, but I can say that if you like The Church, The Chameleons, Mighty Lemon Drops, and C86/Flying Nun stuff with a little grit in the mix, you’re going to love this one. It’s the kind of sound I can’t get enough of, so I’m always grateful for more in this vein. This seems to be their only recording, released in 1985 on Alchemy Records. Unfortunately, the sound quality is a little thin, since they crammed four songs here at 45 speed, but the quality of the songs makes up for the fidelity.

Guitarist Claes Westling also played in Swedish Indie band Drug, who had one single in 1991. You can grab that one here.

The Surpreme Court- The Supreme Court 7”
1. Ethical Crime
2. Watching Myself Go Down
3. Solid Ground
4. Between Love

*download it here*

3 Responses to “The Supreme Court- The Supreme Court 7””

  1. so happy to see a new ppost from you ¿swedis?¿postpunk? i’ll dive into it, thamnks once more a nd a happy new year for you from the heart.

  2. Elias Aquino Says:

    Awesome! Always nice to discover these forgotten obscure gems here!

  3. > …, you’re going to love this one.

    Indeed I do!
    Many thanks.

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