Various Artists- Subtle Hints LP

This one was already featured on Mutant Sounds forever ago, but it’s due time for a new rip and a new light to shine on this excellent electronic compilation from 1983. It’s gotten quite rare and pricey over the years, but remains a legendary entry into the UK’s minimal electronics and post-punk underground. Legend has it that most of these tracks were demos, and with a handful of exceptions (Art Interface, My Pierrot Dolls, a reissue of Chain of Command, and rare 7”s by Ad Astra and Picture Book), this compilation features their only released tracks.

I’d like to thank Thomas for his time and effort in providing the amazing rip here, and thanks as well to all the folks I was in touch with who offered to rip this one as well to put it back into the world. This one is for you guys, from you guys <3.

Various Artists- Subtle Hints LP
1. Always There- Squid Diddley
2. Some Aspects- Chain Of Command
3. Always Tomorrow’s Rain- Mon Amour
4. My Pierrot Dolls- My Pierrot Dolls
5. Hidden Pleasure
6. Witchcraft- This Side Of Paradise
7. A&R- Ad Astra
8. Statue of the Night- Time Statues
9. Success- Picture Book
10. If It Happened to You- Ind-X
11- Pseudo Rich- Synchronization
12. Follow Careers in Modern Love- New Vices For The Jaded
13. Beneath the Calm- Art Interface
14. Picture In Oils- My Pierrot Dolls

*download it here*

9 Responses to “Various Artists- Subtle Hints LP”

  1. vormittagsspuk Says:

    hello there,

    thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful and rare vinyl, really appreciated.

    it is a bit sad though, that lossy is still the king of choice in 2017, when it comes to conservating these really hard to get gems for the future. after all, archiving vinyls and tapes the right way consumes a lot of time, especially when the source is of bad quality and you even have to invest additional work restaurating it.

    considering all this effort, a lossy preservation seems like heresy to me and i really hope for the creator, that he also holds a lossless master in his hands as well.

    of course, bandwith might still be an issue today, and so lossy is therefore choosen mostly, but for the sake of preserving the best possible quality i really wished, people owning these rare records would look ahead and consider sharing lossless material too.

    this way, rare records still missing a faithful reprint would be preserved as they deserve it (for all interrested) and do not get lost in a lossy tyme.

    cheers and all the best


  2. great compil ! =)

  3. White#Trash Says:

    Ooooohh, what a great pleasure!!!


    without any other words!!! 😉


  4. White#Trash Says:

    Frank, you’re great, as always……………

  5. Delivering the best, as always! I’d love to go to one of your gigs some time.

    Your choice in music is AMAZING.

  6. just heard this carefully. sooo good, thanks Frankie.

  7. Good job well done!



  9. Years later after discovering this record on Mutant Sounds, it’s still one of my favorite Minimal Synth compilations. Not a SINGLE stinker or weird experimental entry, all tracks are top tier. Thanks for sharing a decent rip of this classic.

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