The Enter- Whole New World 7”

Before we even get started, I’d like to thank Rich Benton for contacting me out of the blue on my Facebook page to send me these tracks. Rich was the synth player in The Enter, who you may recall had a one-off track on the excellent Young Blood compilation, the gloomy “The Contract.” While this single was never released, Rich informs me that these two tracks were recorded midway through their four year run and then subsequently pressed to a white label 7”, which never was released to the public. The tracks were recorded in 1985 at Slaughter House Studios in Driffield UK.

Rich also filled in a few more gaps about the band, otherwise a three-piece based around vocalist Paul Smith. Drummer Danny King (who has since passed away) also performed and helped with the programming, and as Rich claims, was “the only real musician in the band.” Of course, we all know that these things don’t matter much in the DIY-minimal synth world, as The Enter definitely tapped into something special. These two tracks aren’t as gloomy as “The Contract” but are definitely equally enjoyable – a bit more polished and poppy for all lovers of obscure new wave.

As you might have guessed – a white label single means no artwork, so you’ll have to use your imagination for this one. Otherwise, here are the tracks:

The Enter- Whole New World 7”
1. Whole New World
2. To Go (All the Way)

*download it here*

Thanks again Rich, and happy Friday, all!

7 Responses to “The Enter- Whole New World 7””

  1. Greydon Tober Says:

    I’ve loved the track The Contract since the early days of the internet. Just so amazing to finally hear more. I’m in awe. Thank you to Rich Benton for making this possible!
    I’m hoping someone uncovers music by fellow Young Blood artist, Gettysburg Address. Dance Feat is one of my all time favorite songs.

  2. What a nice pair of little gems! So glad that you were to able to share them.

  3. I liked the Contract very much. These tracks are good also – thanks for posting, I do love your blog as it finds things I would have loved in my teens if only I had known about them.

  4. thanks ofr sharing.

    how about a reprint including the contract on vinyl or k7 now that you are in contact 😉

  5. Big thanks to Rich for getting these tracks to you! It’s awesome to discover them
    4 decades later.

  6. e-lectron Says:

    Wow! Amazing! I remember searching for the compilation LP for an eternity back in the day, and only succeeded when a local brass band from that area helped to post my request in a local newspaper, which even did their own story about my search when a copy finally showed up.

    “The contract” is actually one of my all time favourites, and was also the very first track I played to my girlfriend (and now the mother of my two children) the first time she visitted me. Ah, such nice memories!

  7. Michael Vrbatka Says:

    Great share! thank you and Mr. Benton to make THIS possible! “The Enter” is and was a totally underrated band. great memories since I heard them for the very fiirst time in Vienna/Austria at the Atrium Club. today they are on my Playlists since I´m working as professional DJ in Vienna (1992). a Comeback and re-release would be great. with best regards from Vienna/Austria

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