Desert Corbusier ‎– A Cake Of Your Own Dough K7

Major life delays here but thought I’d make it up to you all with an extremely rare DIY Dutch cassette from one of the country’s greatest guitar-based bands, Desert Corbusier. Most folks might already be familiar with the band thanks to their lone 12”from 1984, which is currently selling for a cool grand if you happen to have that kind of cash just lying around…

This cassette appears to be the band’s debut release, and for a moment there, I thought it was the only other release, until three more cassettes mysteriously appeared on Discogs within the last few months. If anyone happens to have a copy of those 1983 and beyond cassettes lying around, you know what to do!

As for this tape, it’s certainly a bit more raw and angular than the icier sound they developed in the year to follow, but still lots to love here for fans of dark, heady, minimalistic post-punk. Definitely a welcome addition to the canon, especially notable for fans of Trop Tard, The Fall, and the like. Enjoy!

Desert Corbusier ‎– A Cake Of Your Own Dough K7
1. Cute Little Hamster
2. Roter Hals
3. Sedative Age
4. Morning After
5. Finsterniss
6. Plastic Love
7. Violence
8. Ich, Verlierer
9. Two Kicks, One Thrill

*download it here*

4 Responses to “Desert Corbusier ‎– A Cake Of Your Own Dough K7”

  1. Matthew Masterton Says:

    Looking forward to giving it a listen Frank, thanks a lot!

    Also realised some time ago that I grabbed then Karen Marks 7″, so thank you very much for that one as well!

    Are you still up for trading some Aussie Post Punk as well? I’m still keen if you are, just haven’t heard back from you one way or the other. Please let me know what you’re thinking, cheers!

  2. good to have news from you thanks for this and for keeping the wheel going cheers

  3. Just discovered System of Romance! Nice recommandation Frank, I’ll definitely take a listen to it!

  4. Terrific, thank you. I’ve heard bits and pieces of Desert Corbusier but could never grab more than the occasional track. Looking forward to this!

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