Soft As Ghosts- Mystified 7”

I had a little bit of extra time this week, so that means you get an extra post! Thanks to Goutroy for sending this one over some time ago. Here we have two tracks of cold, moody post-punk that reminds me a bit of mid-period Adrian Borland recordings (Heads and Hearts, etc.), especially on the A-side. Nice chunky bass, airy synth, catchy chorus, and dreamy, if but a little nasally vocal. The B-side is a bit more frantic, but no less captivating.

So it goes, there’s not much information to share about the band. This is their only release, which came out in 1983 in the UK via Rondelet Music & Records. If anyone knows more about this band, feel free to fill in the gaps in the comments! Otherwise, enjoy!

Soft As Ghosts- Mystified 7”
1. Mystified
2. Facets of Love

*download it here*

4 Responses to “Soft As Ghosts- Mystified 7””

  1. Thanks a lot Frank! Gotta look for positive things more than ever these days and I guess a positive side effect of all the pandemic-related isolation is indeed having more time to listen to music and to rip (and re-rip) stuff in our collections 🙂

  2. Agree with Thomas tryng to enjoy life until money runs out. Anyway it all looks like some big experiment.
    Thanks Frankie.

  3. here goes some altocamet with drab majesty to catch the daylight.

  4. Hey Frankie Hope you start the year in full shape.
    All the best.

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