Nu-Este- From This Side of the Window 7”

Here’s a rather excellent, if but unassuming 7” from a US-based trio called Nu-Este. I was originally turned on to this single by way of my Harrow bandmate Greg, who sold me on it as a guitar-band who sounds quite a bit like For Against, which I’m inclined to agree… Also has a bit of that early R.E.M./jangle feel, just in time for summer. I dig both tracks, but the b-side is a little more my speed overall!

This is the band’s lone single, released in 1982 on Intense Intents records, which was based in Philly. Not sure if the band was from there as well, but my guess is they’re from the area, as producer/engineer Chas Gerber also worked on Pretty Poison’s excellent Laced 12”.


Nu-Este- From This Side of the Window 7”
1. From This Side of the Window
2. If You Want It

*download it here*

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  1. Very rare! Thanks a lot. It has some echoes of early The Sound as well…

  2. The label belonged to the band, and I believe they were indeed from Philly. When I had a little fanzine, they bought an ad. Nice folks. I thought about this record when the “Strum And Thrum” compilation came out. It has that early 80’s jangle feel, just like you said. Thanks for digitizing it! I still have my copy but haven’t put it on the turntable in a long time.

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