The Myst- Nothing Can Stop Me 7”

Here’s a very rare new wave-infused 7” from the US, one that’s been under-the-radar for me for some time now. I finally decided to spring for a copy just to quell my curiosity. The Myst were a trio from Ohio, and this is the only recording that I’m aware of. A single, lone 7” from 1987, when hair metal ruled the world.

Now, the original Discogs listing (since changed) is a bit misleading, as I wouldn’t really call this post-punk OR coldwave (especially by the American definition), though it’s not a completely unrelated genre trying to pass off as dark synth, which is a thing I’ve seen far too much out there (hint hint, sellers). That said, I’d say there’s a lot more of a new wave and light indie rock/jangle/power-pop flavor here, which is certainly a vibe I can hang with all the same. Some R.E.M. touchstones, though obviously not mysterious or esoteric as their earlier material. Both tracks could have appeared on a late 80s film soundtrack, especially the first song, with its uplifting chorus (get the girl, get the job, nothing can stop me, yeah!). I slightly prefer the b-side, myself. In general, I’m here for those guitar tones, and both tracks deliver in spades here. This might fit nicely in a playlist with The Psalms 7”.

After releasing this single, The Myst were never heard from again. Perhaps one of their members developed the popular 90s point-and-click computer game? 🤔 Bad jokes and associations aside, here’s the deets for this single. Let me know what you make of it!

The Myst- Nothing Can Stop Me 7”
1. Nothing Can Stop Me
2. Shattered Dreams

*download it here*


2 Responses to “The Myst- Nothing Can Stop Me 7””

  1. Thanks Frankie . Grat description. Hair metal ruling the world sounds like doomsday. God forbid.
    Hope you’re ok. Your blod is a priceless vault that should survive the end of times.

  2. Le_Toucanuh Says:

    It sounds like canonical new wave. And of course, it’s not even remotely cold – major rules the ball (I wanted to say, music & vocals :))
    The Psalms is MUCH richer, more skillful, more meaningful, although similar mood notes bring them together.
    Thank you for record.

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