A Motion Industry – Pylon the Pressure 7” / compilation tracks

Here’s another one lovingly ripped by Goutroy of A Viable Commercial – from his shelves to your hearts. This is the lone single from UK post-punk quartet A Motion Industry, released in 1986. A solid two-track affair, for fans of driving, anthemic bands like Rhythm Corps, The Sound, U2, etc. Lots of guitars here. Aside from this lone 7”, the band does appear to have two additional loose tracks out there, one on the cassette-only compilation Against the Tide and another on 1987’s Sample & Hold compilation. Goutroy was kind enough to rip the latter as well for us, and I’ve found the former out on the internets (not either of our rips), so happy to include both tracks for y’all to complete the discography.

If anyone can help fill in the gaps on their story, we’re all eyes! Otherwise, straight to the good stuff:

A Motion Industry – Pylon the Pressure 7”
1. Pylon the Pressure
2. Re-Union

Various Artists- Against the Tide (1986)
6. Ignorance Is Bliss

Various Artists-  Sample & Hold (1987)
5. Man In a Bottle

*download it here*

5 Responses to “A Motion Industry – Pylon the Pressure 7” / compilation tracks”

  1. Ooohh, awesome share – thank you!! Any chance you’d share the entire Sample & Hold LP!??! Would LOVE to hear more!!

    Thank you

    • Frankie Teardrop Says:

      Hi Cory,
      I do have a rip of the entire comp – maybe one day I’ll get around to de-clicking it. Will share as soon as I do!

  2. Thanks Frankie. Always a pleasure to listen to your posts.

  3. Another obscure find that’s right up my alley. Thanks for keeping the dream alive!

  4. Thank you very much !

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