Crashing Plastic – Gretchen 12”

Thanks to Goutroy as always for turning me on to this one and making the original rip. A Viable Romance!

Here we have three icy guitar-wave tracks from Crashing Plastic, self-released in 1989. There’s a touch of deathrock/synthpunk flavor in both Gwen Alyson’s vocals and synth melodies and Chris Daya’s musicianship, with razor-sharp guitars, punchy drum programming, and synths galore to round out their sound. I’m reminded of the early Pretty Poison releases, before they went freestyle. This tracks in a sense, as this duo also appears to be from Philadelphia, PA. As always, if anyone has anything more to share about this band, please do.

Otherwise, hope y’all enjoy!

Crashing Plastic –¬†Gretchen¬†12”.
1. Gretchen
2. Time Tunnel
3. Take Me Away

*download it here*



4 Responses to “Crashing Plastic – Gretchen 12””

  1. Thanks Frankie and Goutroy.
    Always the chance for an exciting listen.
    I wonder why other guys don’t take a moment to thank you for the effort.

  2. Many thanks for sharing this cool unknown record.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks heaps, great little gem

  4. The best new year to you Frankie, always grateful for the access to your archive.

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