Passiflora- Statica 7”

Traveling through Europe and landing in Italy for our third and final post today. Passiflora were an Italian outfit who tapped into similar sonic territory as Cocteau Twins, combining ethereal vocals with classical influences, jangly/folky post-punk, and some sax thrown in for good measure. Other touchstones include the excellent and underrated All About Eve or even perhaps The Innocence Mission, if they had a more post-punk edge.

This 1987 single is the band’s first release, though a cassette and a LP would follow after. The band would change vocalists in 1988, splitting after the 1991 LP release.

As always, enjoy!

Passiflora- Statica 7”
1. Statica
2. Gente Del Teatro E Della Morte

*download it here*

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  1. Wow, 3 completely new post-punk bands to learn about and enjoy. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to give them all a listen!


    with Limbo (one of them later in the most known Pankow) the best bands out of the region around Livorno in Tuscany, Passiflora hails from Cecina…the following mini-album is a different story, with a jazz-influenced, avant-garde sound…this single is a little gem, at the time I was too heterophile to appreciate it unfortunately, thanks for the reminder

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