Asylum Party

Though most of the more well known post-punk acts have hailed from Britain, there were exciting things happening even a short distance away. Most of these bands, including Norma Loy and Trisomie 21, barely scratched the surface outside of their native countries, culminating as unfortunate footnotes in music history. Truth is, however, there were gems to be found left and right- high class eps and lps by bands otherwise forgotten. One band lost in the haze was Asylum Party- a coldwave project formed in 1985.

The band’s tenure lasted a mere five years, but during that time, Asylum Party released two full length records, a handful of singles and eps, and scattered compilation material. Though there are plenty of songs worth their weight, this is easily my favorite, featured on their final record, Mère.

download Asylum Party- ‘Pure Joy In My Heart’

and for your viewing pleasure, here is a video of their song ‘Misfortunes,’ taken from the What Will You Learn 12”.

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