Guardian Bird- La Poupée K7

I’ve received a few requests for this one through various channels so sorry for the delay on this one.  This was passed down to me by a few fellow collectors but to my knowledge, it hasn’t been shared yet, outside of a few tracks on Youtube.    Most people are mainly familiar with this obscure French coldwave/goth band via Extérieur Nuit, a more modern collection of French obscurities including Mémoires D’Automne.  The same track appears here, making this the band’s only known release.

I know very little about the band, except that they were based in Lille and had six members (two guitarists, drums, bass, vocals, and synth).  This tape was released in 1991, and features a more aggressive sound than most of touching pop bands that were heavily active around that time period.  The closest touchstones I can think of are Bauhaus (especially in the vocals), The Bolshoi, or early Gene Loves Jezebel, combining cold synths, powerful vocals, and big guitar hooks.   It’s a sound that was likely passe at that point in time, but nice to hear a French variant of it.  The centerpiece of the tape is the eight minute “Le Jeune et le Bleu,” which aims for Disintegration-esque highs and falls somewhere between the eponymous track from that record, and “Out of Mind”- the underrated b-side from the Fascination Street/Lullaby 12”, and would fit in alongside songs like Escape With Romeo’s “Somebody” as a lesser-known mid-tempo guitar epic.  And what better way to follow up an eight minute epic than with a ten minute track, which features a more guttural snarl.

T.T.I.C.C. Contingent also released tapes from Bunker Strasse and L’Avis G821.


Guardian Bird- La Poupée K7
1. Clumsy Gesture
2. La Poupée
3. Renaissance
4. Penombra Of Vice
5. Le Jaune Et Le Bleu
6. Parc Pour Fou
7. Sens

*download it here*

6 Responses to “Guardian Bird- La Poupée K7”

  1. a real gem , thanks

  2. greenny Says:

    Very TXS! great rare

  3. Goonbag Says:

    This is great! especially ‘Le Jeune et le Bleu’. A little bizarre that it’s from 1991, there is a video of them performing Penombra of Vice which is worth of watch, just looking at them Iwould swear it was straight out of 1983. I’ve been listening to this the past few days, the mystery around them is as good as the music.

    Thanks – Penombra

  4. Hi..yes..a real gem..AND the band is back after 30 years. I am inviting you to go to our FB page.

  5. Hello. If anyone stumbles upon this. I really want to know the lyrics of the song. Even in original or English, since I do not know the language well. Or a tip who might know. I would be grateful for any information.

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