Sixtieth Parallel- Into Bliss 12”

Sixtieth Parallel were an undersung US three piece from California, playing in the vein of early U2, The Chameleons, Mighty Lemon Drops, Sad Lovers and Giants, Blue Hollow, etc. (aka, some of my very favorite things).  Tight rhythm section, guitars reminiscent of the alternative explosion of the mid-80s, and really catchy songwriting at every turn.  This is their only documented release, dropped in 1988 on Dr. Dream records.

This 12” was highly recommended by my friend Teresa and I’ve been enjoying it for a few months now.  It can be found easily and for relatively cheap prices if you’re into it, and rumor has it the band has reunited to record new versions of old demos, so keep an eye out for those!

Sixtieth Parallel- Into Bliss 12”
1. Over And Over
2. Passionately Deep
3. Like Dust
4. Trust
5. One Day
6. Into Bliss

*download it here*

11 Responses to “Sixtieth Parallel- Into Bliss 12””

  1. looks interesting,thanx as usual

  2. Great EP, thanks for sharing! When I got to “Like Dust” I thought “wait, do I already have this album?”. What I found out is that that song was recorded by Passion Puppets on their 1984 album “Beyond The Pale”. They’re definitely the same song, I’m wondering if one or more members of Passion Puppets became Sixtieth Parallel or if that song is a cover. Do you know?

  3. Thank you.

  4. This is great. The U2 comparison is spot on, though this is darker and more urgent.

  5. Favourite track is “Passionately Deep”. I too agree that the U2 comparison is very true

  6. There is no connection to the Passion Puppets other than the cover of “Like Dust.” Thanks for mentioning the Passion Puppets though — I’d never heard them before!

  7. i wouldn’t compare this to shity U2…cuz Bono is fraud.

  8. If you like Passion Puppets – but aren’t as familiar – I highly recommend giving a listen to the older 5CD set “Hardest Hits” – it’s where I first found Passion Puppets, Freur (though I was already an Underworld fan, ironically – pre-Internet days and all), Chameleons etc etc… they’re a great way to find bands in this genre. Many of them you’ll know, but there are still a few I haven’t heard much else from (Micro Chip League, anyone?)…

  9. Thanks for the cool words…we still play every so often but have not gigged in about 5 years and that was for friends and family. We were compared to U2 back then but we were more into Echo…Comeleans….icicle works. The guitar sound is rhythmic as is with U2 and Pink Floyd’s Run like Hell…most bands sound the same when looking back at a certain point in time but like one guy said we were darker. Hope to play around the los angeles area in the future…just need and audience! Damien …drums and vocals…haha

  10. Thanks a lot.

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