Hysterica Passio- Grey Over Life 12”

I’ve only managed to dig up a few snippets about today’s band- NY based minimal synth act Hysterica Passio. Drawing name inspiration from an outdated term for dementia used in Shakespeare’s King Lear, the band put out but one 12” single in 1982 before their demise two years later. These two tracks would be featured on various DIY Flexi-Pop compilations soon after, but would never record another note.

Hysterica Passio- Grey Over Life 12”
1. Grey Over Life
2. Alone

*songs removed by request*

Naturally, I’ve no Youtube videos, band photos, or links to pick up their material in mass-quantities. The original vinyl single however, should one be lucky enough to find a copy online, fetches approximately $80.

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  1. permanent daydream Says:

    Doesn’t the guy from this project work at one of the record stores on the l.e.s? or is it one of the ones on Bleeker…Can’t remember but a friend told me that. Its a NY outfit, that’s all I know…and that that 7″ is amazing!

  2. sleep by windows Says:

    excellent band. and this ‘blog is as well.

  3. frankie teardrop Says:

    i believe the gent in the band maintains Rebel Rebel in the West village.

  4. Yes he owns Rebel Rebel. I forget his name but he was the singer. My friend and I got signed copies.

  5. Small world the internet 🙂

    A fun time was had by all…it seems like yesterday 🙂


    Billy K. (Hysterica Passio – bassist).

  6. raymond vecsey Says:

    It seems that the other band members have abandoned keeping the band alive so I took it upon myself to create a myspace music page http://www.myspace.com/hystericapassio If anyone is interested in putting the songs out on vinyl or cd you can contact me through the myspace page. These songs are copyrighted and registered with BMI. Any reproduction of the material would have to go through proper channels. Thanks to all of you who have kept our music alive & well!!!
    Raymond Vecsey (Guitar-Hysterica Passio)

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