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Monozid/Bootblacks Split 7”

Posted in 2000s, blues, bootblacks, monozid, NDW, nyc, post-punk, punk on January 3, 2011 by Frankie Teardrop

I have some killer archival posts to kick off the new year (starting this afternoon), but everyone knows that modern artists need love too! First things first, I’d like to pass on a free 7” from two chums of mine from two different lands. Here’s a blistering 7” split from Bootblacks (a local NYC blues-punk outfit reminiscent of The Gun Club) and Monozid (hard hitting German post-punk with a hint of NDW). You get two tracks per band with this release! This is Bootblacks’ first appearance on record, while Monozid have a handful of releases dating back to their debut CD-R in 2006.

You can often find these two bands playing shows together throughout Europe and the United States, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for both bands in the new year. Thanks to Monozid for the download link for the single, hoping you all enjoy it! Here’s the info:

1. Monozid- Shame Of The Nation
2. Monozid- Turquoise Fields Burn Brighter, Honey
3. Bootblacks- Empire
4. Bootblacks- Tuxedo Tomcat


There’s also a video for the second Monozid track, “Turquoise Fields Burn Brighter, Honey,” which features various tour footage and cameos from both bands! Click below to peep it.

The Puppets- The Way of Life 12”

Posted in 1980s, 1983, dance, disco, long island, nyc, synthpop, The Puppets on May 18, 2010 by Frankie Teardrop

Here’s a pretty killer dance/disco 12”, released in 1983. The Puppets were a New York/Long Island based dance group, who earned quite a bit of airplay from their lone 12” single. The 12” was released on Quality Records, a Canadian label, and came with generic brown sleeve. You can still find this one kicking around certain record stores if you have the patience to sift through coverless singles. Worth the time!

Rumor has it that The Puppets disbanded while recording a follow up full-length. Would love to hear any unreleased material!

Here’s the breakdown for the single:

The Puppets- The Way of Life 12”
1. The Way of Life (Dance Mix)
2. The Way of Life (Vocal)
3. The Way of Life (Instrumental)

*download it here* (re-ripped 4.15.17)

Revel Hotel- The Beating of the Wings EP

Posted in 2000s, 2010, nyc, post-punk, Revel Hotel, synthpop on March 15, 2010 by Frankie Teardrop

Allow me to deviate slightly from this blog’s usual course to announce the release of my band Revel Hotel’s debut studio EP, The Beating of the Wings. In true Systems of Romance fashion, I’ve uploaded it for free download for any and all interested parties.

Revel Hotel formed as a three piece in ’06, playing our first show at Wierd soon after. Since then, we’ve changed our name, added a guitar player, and have been carving out our own niche here in New York City. While this is our first studio release, we’ve also issued a downloadable EP of a recent radio session, as aired on 91.5FM and mixed by JennaX. Alongside two tracks that appear on the studio EP, we cut two newer songs, as well as a rather faithtful cover of B-Movie’s “Nowhere Girl.” Those sessions can be downloaded here.

Our studio debut was recorded in March ’09, lovingly mixed and mastered over the course of a year. Without any further ado, here’s the info:

Revel Hotel- The Beating of the Wings EP
1. Purify
2. 1,000 Dreams
3. Terminission
4. Dark Naked
5. Before I Disappear

*download it here*

For anyone interested in purchasing the EP (no obligations, please!), the record is currently available on CDBaby, iTunes, and Wierd Records.

Otherwise, please feel free to spread the record around at will! Systems of Romance will soon resume regular activity, but in the interim, thanks for listening, and hope you enjoy!

Visit us at these hubs:

Weep- Never Ever demo

Posted in 2000s, nyc, post-punk, shoegaze, weep on March 26, 2008 by Frankie Teardrop

Now, listen up kids, this one is something brand-spanking new, and certainly special. I’m pleased to bring you five tracks from a prolific and multi-talented gentlemen who you may remember from such multimedia projects as the Venture Brothers, Mors Syphilitica, and Requiem in White.

Doc Hammer’s newest musical endeavor, simply entitled Weep, is his best yet, and instead of relying on operatic female vocals, his own voice graces these tracks and adds a new and exciting element to the already stellar, driving music. This demo was completely self-recorded, and each track is passionate and gripping without being overwrought and overbearing. It calls to mind the best epic swirls of shoegaze, the heaviest percussion of early post-punk, and tosses dozens of unforgettable hooks in for good measure. Weep was just unveiled this year, and will soon develop into a full-fledged live band, as these songs are simply a taste of what’s to come. A damn fine taste.

Here’s the tracklisting:

Weep- Never Ever demo
1. The Weep
2. Lay There and Drown
3. The Hole
4. One Lock, One Key
5. Can’t Be True

*download link removed*

Otherwise, for more information about Weep, visit the official myspace page, linked just below. Also, I’ve reviewed the demo for Post Punk dot com, so take a peek if you’re so inclined.

Weep on myspace
Post-punk myspace

Bell Hollow

Posted in 2000s, bell hollow, dreampop, nyc, post-punk, shoegaze on November 7, 2007 by Frankie Teardrop

I’m pleased to post about today’s band, NYC local dreampop favorites Bell Hollow. Fresh off the release of their debut full-length, Foxgloves, the band shall be playing their cd release party in the heart of New York next Friday, November 16th, at Don Hills.

The band’s origins date back to 2003, where like minded bassist Christopher Bollman and guitarist Greg Fasolino (both veterans of NYC deathrock outfit Naked & the Dead) formed Bell Hollow to explore and rekindle a love of all things dream-pop and post-punk. The band’s lineup was fully realised with the inclusion of singer Nick Niles in 2005 and the addition of their second drummer, Todd Karasik, in 2006.

Bell Hollow’s sound calls to the glory days of shimmering shoegaze and guitar-pop, swirling guitars, locked-in rhythms, and ethereal vocals, and the band’s influences (Kitchens of Distinction, The Sound, Sad Lovers and Giants) are built upon with solid songwriting, clever arrangements, and admirable musicianship. The band has two releases under their belt, 2006’s Sons of the Burgess Shale EP and 2007’s Foxgloves, both released under indie label five03 (also home of the likeminded and equally captivating Prids). Both releases were recorded and produced by local NYC engineer Hillary Johnson, who also fills out the quartet’s live sound with synthesizers. Acoustic guitar contributions on Foxgloves are also made by Josh Strawn, lead vocalist of fellow NYC outfit Blacklist.

For today’s downloads, I’ve uploaded one track each from Bell Hollow’s releases…the first, a favorite of mine from their debut EP and the second, the lead-off track from Foxgloves.

download Bell Hollow- ‘Secret Key’
download Bell Hollow- ‘Seven Sisters’

If you like what you hear, be sure to support these local darlings and pick up copies of their records, which are available through the iTunes music store, as well as straight from five03. Again, Bell Hollow will grace the stage on Friday, Nov. 16th at Don Hills here in New York City, so be sure to drop by if you’re in the neighborhood! For more on the band, including purchase links, I entreat you to visit the following web-hubs:

Bell Hollow on myspace
purchase Bell Hollow records via five03

Bush Tetras

Posted in 1980s, 1990s, 2007, bush tetras, funk, no-wave, nyc, post-punk on November 5, 2007 by Frankie Teardrop

Today’s band, Bush Tetras, formed in the heart of New York City soon after the initial wave of the punk rock explosion. A female fronted dance-groovin’ post-punk band led by vocalist Cynthia Sley and complete with jerky rhythms and dissonant guitars, Bush Tetras first hit the scene in 1980 with a series of singles and EPs. Lead guitarist Pat Place’s previous credits included co-founding James Chance’s no-wave outfit the Contortions.

The band would achieve initial club success for their ‘Too Many Creeps’ single, a roaring, fiery, and jagged tune that helped draw attention to the budding post-punk and no-wave movements. The band would tour relentlessly during their initial tenure, forming a kinship with The Clash and experimenting with more Afro-rhythms and Caribbean influences.

After recording three proper EPs (Too Many Creeps, Boom In the Night, and Rituals), the band split up in 1983 upon the release of a live cassette entitled Wild Things. A further compilation of the band’s material saw the light of day (albeit also on cassette) in 1989, and it wasn’t until 1995, a year before the initial lineup would reform, that the band saw their first proper cd release, a compilation entitled Boom in the Night, which would collect all their previous efforts. In 1996, the band would record a new record entitled Beauty Lies, picking back up briefly from where they left off. After another decade of inactivity, the band released a combination compilation/record this year, entitled Very Very Happy, which features a handful of new tracks and a series of re-recorded tunes from their past, updating these songs and recording them as they were meant to be heard. The band is currently active and playing shows in East USA, so catch them if you can!


For your listening pleasure (and with the blessing of the Bush Tetra’s promotions dept./label), I’ve uploaded a duo of Bush Tetras tracks: the first is the title track from their 1981 Boom In the Night EP and the second, the freshly re-recorded take on their initial breakthrough single, ‘Too Many Creeps’- plucked from 2007’s Very Very Happy.


download Bush Tetras- ‘Things That Go Boom in the Night’
download Bush Tetras- ‘Too Many Creeps (2007 version)’

To pick up some Bush Tetras material on CD, check out these links:
Roir Online
CD Baby dot com

Our Daughter’s Wedding

Posted in 1980s, nyc, our daughter's wedding, synth, synthpunk, wave on September 10, 2007 by Frankie Teardrop

Our Daughter’s Wedding were a quirky, New York City based wave outfit comparible to the likes of Devo and Suicide. The band formed in the wake of the initial New York punk movement in 1977, taking their name from a section of greeting cards found in shops.

By the time they would begin recording and releasing material, the original straightforward rock lineup would soon add synthesizers to the mix and slim down to a trio. Though they employed the techniques seen in a variety of new wave and synth acts, the band would stay more true to their punk upbrining, keeping their songs punchy and energetic and playing all of their instruments live without the aid of sequencers.

Their first single, ‘Nightlife’ was released in 1980 and failed to make any impact whatsoever, though their second attempt, ‘Lawnchairs’ made a splash in the college circuit. Alongside a few more 7” singles, the band would cut an EP and a full length record, 1982’s Moving Windows, but would soon split in 1983 without any further drive or mainstream success.

I’ve plucked two tracks for your listening pleasure. The first is a remix of their underground hit ‘Lawnchairs’ and the second is the opening track from the Digital Cowboy EP, released in 1981.

download Our Daughter’s Wedding- ‘Lawnchairs (Remix)’
download Our Daughter’s Wedding- ‘Target For Life’

Here’s a live video of Our Daughter’s Wedding performing “Target For Life:”

Though several collections of the band’s material have been pressed to cd, they remain currently out of print. For more information about the band however, please visit these handy-dandy links.
Myspace Page

The Brides

Posted in 2000s, nyc, synthpunk, the brides on September 7, 2007 by Frankie Teardrop

Today’s band is a currently blossoming post-punk/wave act from New York City.

In the vein of both Devo and the Dead Kennedys, The Brides are a high energy, almost anthemic act combining the buzzsaw guitars of punk and the sharp synths of wave. Like the best sort of punk, there’s a whimsical atmosphere around their lyrics, and incredibly catchy organ hooks throughout even their most bleak material. The band’s vocals even contain a hint of Jello Biafra’s timbre and ferocity. Delightfully morbid, the band is equally austere as it is playful and energetic.

Though the band is relatively new, popping up in the bowels of NYC as early as 2001, both vocalist/guitarist Corey Gorey and drummer D.W. Friend are no strangers to the underground NYC punk scene, for the Brides were formed in the wake of the demise of the Brickbats, a more horror-punk outfit whose split triggered a change in direction for these two previous members. Since the turn of the century, The Brides have released a slew of EPs and compilation tracks, and their most recent offering, Sofa City Sweetheart was released just this year to a fair amount of critical acclaim and buzz.

If you’re living in New York, the Brides will be appearing shortly in both Albany and Poughkeepsie as well as playing various shows in their own hometown. For anyone else out there, here’s a duo of tracks plucked from their matching 2002 EPs; Here Come the Brides (parts 1 & 2).

download the Brides- ‘Amputation Celebration’
download the Brides- ‘Those Things You Cannot See’

And in line with their curious sense of humor, here’s their music video for ‘New Shocks,’ featured on Sofa City Sweetheart:

Their material is available through various outlest such as CDBaby and the Itunes Music Store. For all further information including upcoming shows and purchase links, please divert your attention to these links:

The Brides homepage
The Brides on myspace

Hysterica Passio- Grey Over Life 12”

Posted in 1980s, hysterica passio, minimal, nyc, synth, wave on August 30, 2007 by Frankie Teardrop

I’ve only managed to dig up a few snippets about today’s band- NY based minimal¬†synth act Hysterica Passio. Drawing name inspiration from an outdated term for dementia used in Shakespeare’s King Lear, the band put out but one 12” single in 1982 before their demise two years later. These two tracks would be featured on various DIY Flexi-Pop compilations soon after, but would never record another note.

Hysterica Passio-¬†Grey Over Life 12”
1. Grey Over Life
2. Alone

*songs removed by request*

Naturally, I’ve no Youtube videos, band photos, or links to pick up their material in mass-quantities. The original vinyl single however, should one be lucky enough to find a copy online, fetches approximately $80.