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Tally-Oh!- Hit the Beast 7”

Posted in 1980s, italian, minimal, minimal synth, post-punk on October 31, 2010 by Frankie Teardrop

Last but not least, to complete our Halloween trifecta, it’s back to Italy for an uber-rare single from 1984.

Strangely enough, there are conflicting reports on this release. While the sleeve clearly says Tally-Ho!, many sources claim that the band’s name is, in fact, Tally-Oh! Not sure where the truth lies, but my guess is that someone made a typo on the album sleeve or around the net, or perhaps the band meant for it to be somewhat confusing. Perhaps someone can shed some light on this mystery?

Either way, you can expect some excellent, upbeat, synth and beat driven tunes here. A little jerky and bass-heavy for post-punk heads, but complete with those minimal grooves we all know and love. Definitely a must hear!

Tally-Oh!- Hit the Beast 7”
1. Hit the Beast
2. Transmission

*download it here*

Schmaalhans Weltraum- Samovar 7” + Bonus Tracks

Posted in 1990s, 1991, minimal synth, Schmaalhans Weltraumm, synth, synthpop on October 31, 2010 by Frankie Teardrop

Here’s something a little more club-oriented for you minimal synth fans out there. Included within is the complete discography of Swedish duo Schmaalhans Weltraum. Their entire discography consists of just four tracks- one 7”, one compilation appearance, and one loose track. Short blasts of synth perfection, IMO.

The 7” dates back to 1991, while the compilation (Faces and Images) also contains several EBM and synthpop gems in this vein. Soon after these releases, Schmaalhans Weltraumm became Blomma, who dropped two releases into the 1990s.

Here’s the info for these four killer tracks, which should feel right at home on any dancefloor:

Schmaalhans Weltraumm- Samovar 7”
1. Samovar
2. Dr. Läderbär

Bonus Tracks:
1. Montagne Du Boef (from Faces and Images Compilation, 1991)
2. Maschinenmann*

*download it here*

*Quick correction. This track is NOT Schmaalhans Weltraum, but by a Swiss synth band called simply Schmalhans. If you still want it- grab that here!

Paranoja- Proibito 7”

Posted in 1980s, 1986, coldwave, italian, Paranoja, post-punk on October 31, 2010 by Frankie Teardrop

Unfortunately, our Halloween eve’s plans have been dashed by a case of the plague, so instead, I’ve been spending the day uploading a slew of rare releases to include over the next few days. For those reading along on this otherwise glorious Sunday, expect a few treats coming your way.

First up, we have a rare (and rather expensive) Italian 7” from Paranoja, released in 1986. Some nice mid-tempo post-punk grooves contained within. Pleasant and bouncy, with gloomy vocals and atmospheric synths to keep the track grounded. Definitely a treat for those obsessed with the Italian tradition!

Paranoja- Proibito 7”
1. Proibito
2. Remuse

*download it here*

Hohokam- King 12”

Posted in 1980s, 1984, Hohokam, Numa Records on October 29, 2010 by Frankie Teardrop

I’ve been keen on this band for some time, but never acquired more than a handful of tracks until picking up their debut 12” the other day. However, unlike most bands here on this site, there’s more info around about this one than most.

Named after an ancient archeological culture, Hohokam was first brought to attention by Gary Numan’s Numa records, formed as his popularity began to dwindle. While some may debate that Numan’s own material at this time was stagnant, the artists he was cultivating under Numa offered some fresh synthpop/new wave talent, including these scamps, who released three singles on the label. Numan would generally preside over the recordings, acting as producer and occasional contributor.

Rumor has it that these four lads trespassed onto Numan’s property with a demo tape that inspired him to create the label, and subsequently became the third release on the label. Their most succesful single, however, was a track called “Harlequin Tears,” which appears in both 12” and razormaid form, both which you can still hear in some more well-informed clubs to date.

The band supposedly recorded a full length, but it has never seen the light of day. After splitting up, drummer/keyboardist Tony Alum formed Aquilia with DJ Steve Andrews and continued on in a synthpop/techno vein.

Here’s the details for this 12”:

Hohokam- King 12”
1. King (Extended Mix)
2. The American Way
3. King (Radio Edit)

*download it here*

Fun fact: The name Hohokam apparently translates as “the ones who vanished.” Rather fitting for the blog! Read more about the band and this single here and here. Lyrics included!

Also, as many of you may have noticed, I’ve added a little facebook tab on the right side of the page here. Feel free to get in touch there, I know Facebook is a little more interactive for some than the Blogspot comments system, so I’d love to hear from you kids over there. That’s all for this month- have a happy Halloween!

Testcard F- Bandwagon Tango 7”

Posted in 1980s, 1983, british, minimal, synth, testcard f, wave on October 27, 2010 by Frankie Teardrop

This one’s a little less pristine, but I’m still pleased to have a vastly improved rip of Testcard F’s first 7”, released in 1983. I originally uploaded an inferior (and potentially out of phase) version of the single back in 2008, with the remaining discography and several tidbits about the UK band. Unfortunately, it was the best copy of the tracks kicking around, and it’s taken me years to track down a better copy without paying a small fortune for it.

There’s a few cracks and pops on this copy (the a-side seems fairly well loved) but I hope you’ll all agree that it still makes for a cleaner, clearer, and more solid listen. Here’s the rundown:

Testcard F- Bandwagon Tango 7”
1. Bandwagon Tango
2. Unfamiliar Room

*download it here*

Industrie- H LP

Posted in 1980s, 1983, australia, australian, industrie, new wave, synthpop on October 27, 2010 by Frankie Teardrop

One of my favorite tracks from the first Systems of Romance compilation is Industrie’s “Secret Affair”- a playful synth jam with solid female vocals. Imagine my delight when I came across a pristine copy of their lone LP. I just received it yesterday, and I’ve already ripped and uploaded it for you all today.

This particular LP is the Australian band’s only release, hailing from 1983. While a handful of people contributed to the recording, only two appear in the photo on the back of the LP, so I reckon there were studio musicians involved. Not sure if the band ever performed live, so if anyone has any more info, please pass it along!

As for the LP, you can expect more of the same catchy new wave jams here, with only a few slower, less-interesting ballads. Everything else is pure new wave/synthpop heaven (for fans of Moev, early Berlin, etc.), so without any further ado, here’s the information:

Industrie- H LP
1. Heartbeat
2. Neon Neon
3. Second Death
4. Nothing Lasts Forever
5. Stay With Me
6. H
7. Secret Affair
8. You’re the One
9. Bedroom Eyes
10. Found You

*download it here* (re-ripped 4.16.17)

Nemesy- Nemesy LP

Posted in 1985, italo, italo disco, nemesy on October 25, 2010 by Frankie Teardrop

Up on the slab today is an underrated classic italo LP by Nemesy, released in 1985. As with most italo projects, I can’t seem to dig up any concrete information about the parties involved, except that there seems to be three main contributors, judging from album artwork and scattered credits. Paolo Bocchi (Passengers, F.A.S., David Gray) was also involved with the mixing process for this LP.

Expect some fantastic glossy hooks here, smooth female vocals, killer instrumentals, and everything else you’d expect from an essential italo LP. Both versions of ‘Arabian Sacrifice’ are among the standouts, as well as ‘I Wanna Dance’ and ’24 Hours, two singles released before the LP. Here’s the details:

Nemesy- Nemesy LP
1. 24 Hours
2. Touch
3. Arabian Sacrifice (Sacrifice Version)
4. You Can, You Can
5. We Play The Music
6. Arabian Sacrifice (Arabian Version)
7. I Wanna Dance

*download it here*

Bendall’s Box- Nightmares 7”

Posted in 1980s, 1981, Bendall's Box, minimal, minimal synth, post-punk, uk on October 18, 2010 by Frankie Teardrop

Ok, I promise I’m done for today. Last, but not least, we have the highly coveted 7” from Bendall’s Box, from 1981. The band hailed from the UK and this is their only release, two tracks of quirky minimal synth. Jerky bass rhythms, but classic drum machine/synth tracks.

I’ve had this one kicking around for some time, but the b-side has always circulated at poor quality, with plenty of digital skips. Most unfortunate, as it’s the true standout on this release. I’d like to thank Iker of Morning Magazine for originally sending me a cleaned up version of the b-side, and also supreme thanks to Oystein for ripping the track from his own personal collection! A+, gentlemen! Here’s the details:

Bendall’s Box- Nightmares 7”
1. Nightmares
2. Games Today

*download it here*

EDIT 6.3.12:
Bendall’s Box has returned after 30 years with a brand new new single! The single drops Monday, June 9th. Check here for more info:

Intro- 12” discography

Posted in 1980s, 1983, 4ad, fingerprintz, Intro, jackie brookes, jimmie o'neill, minimal synth, new wave, shox, synth, synthpop on October 18, 2010 by Frankie Teardrop

Up next we have two donated singles by UK-based synthpop project Intro, both released in 1983. While these two rips were donated by bx59cppw, I just recently found the first 12” kicking around for a mere $5, so this one should be easy enough to track down for those who would like to own it for themselves. Definitely an affordable piece of synthpop heaven!

Some of you may recognize the track “Haunted Cocktails” from the Return of Flexi-Pop series, so you can expect more of the same female fronted dance grooves on the rest of these tracks. Great production, catchy hooks, and all the works are on display here. As for the parties responsible, Jimmie O’Neill was involved as a producer with several projects, including Fingerprintz and The Silencers, while Jackie Brookes was part of the original 4AD lineup, providing vocals for the Shox 7” (one of my first uploads). She was also a member of Siam (a synthpop outfit reminiscent of Berlin) and released a solo LP in 1984, which features a few alternate mixes of these tracks.

This should definitely hit the spot for fans of U-BahnX, Kim Wilde, Moev, November Group, etc. Here’s the info:

Intro- Haunted Cocktails 12”
1. Haunted Cocktails
2. Haunted Cocktails (Haunted Mix)
3. Departures

Intro- Lost Without Your Love 12”
1. Lost Without Your Love
2. Lost Mix (Muzak Superior)
3. Epic

*download both here*

Beograd- Remek Depo LP

Posted in 1980, 1980s, 1983, minimal, minimal synth, serbian on October 18, 2010 by Frankie Teardrop

Here’s the entire discography for Beograd, a killer Serbian minimal synth project formed in 1981. Beginning as a four piece, the band would most often appear as a trio, who recorded the majority of the band’s output, including one 7” and one full length LP. Surprised I haven’t seen either of these posted through the usual channels, as each of these releases are essential, in my opinion.

The band didn’t stay together very long, splitting up in 1983. One of the members would then release a 12” with Haj’mo, which I’d love to hear if anyone has a copy kicking around. That all said, here’s both of the band’s releases, zipped up for yr enjoyment!

Beograd- Sanjaš Li U Boji? 7” (1981)*
1. Sanjaš Li U Boji?
2. T.V.

*My donated copy has the a-side and the b-side switched, with T.V. as the a-side. Hope you kids don’t mind too much…

Beograd- Remek Depo LP (1983)
1. Opasne Igre
2. Ulice Su Noćas
3. Ko Si
4. Japan (Made In East)
5. Mrak
6. Kontrolori
7. Modni Kroj
8. Soba
9. Beg

*download it here*

**March 2012: The TV 7” has recently been reissued by Anna Logue records, so I’ve just reuploaded the LP.

I have a few more posts lined up for the week, but a lot on the slate. Maybe I’ll toss another one or two up today to keep you all satiated for now! Either way, stay tuned for more goodies to come follow.