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Asylum Party- Live in Lyon (November 4th, 1989)

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Here’s one I’m pretty damn stoked to post. My very first post on Systems of Romance featured seminal touching pop/coldwave band Asylum Party, whose releases on Lively Art are among the best in any genre. I can’t sing their praises any higher, true stunners.  I’ve covered them many times since, with various compilation appearances over the years.

Here we have a live audience recording from 1989, featuring material from the band’s earlier releases, including Borderline, What Will You Learn?, and Picture One. Obviously, the quality is a bit rough and tumble, complete with a little bit of tape hiss, microphone murkiness, and sound limitations (comparable to the Ausweis tape posted a few entries back), but it’s not terribly distracting, and serves as a fitting snapshot of a band at the peak of its powers.  For those of you who like to collect live recordings, this should definitely be a nice treat!

Asylum Party- Live in Lyon (November 4th, 1989)
1. La Tourmente
2. Before the Smile
3. Better Days Ahead
4. Misfortunes?
5. Julia
6. Play Alone
7. Echoes & Lights
8. La Rivière
9. What Will You Learn (Cut)
10. Winter
11. Love or Madness
12. La Nuit
13. The Sabbath
14. Pictures

*download it here*

Screaming Trees- Release & Beaten By the Ugly Stick 12”s

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Here we have the first two 12”s by Screaming Trees out of the UK. Not to be confused with the grunge band of the same name, Screaming Trees had several 12” releases and a full length throughout the mid-late 1980s, mixing both bludgeoning electronics and industrial textures with club friendly beats. While not primarily EBM, these later releases walked a fine line between the Belgian scene and the 12” mix mentality, with scattered results.

However, the first 12”, released in 1986, is somewhat of an anomaly among the lot, as it has more in common with the UK goth scene at the time with slightly more tribal influences and aggressive guitar work. Think bands like Play Dead, Rebel Christening, and early Clair Obscur. “Incinerator” is my favorite of the lot, but all three tracks are great guitar driven goth tracks. Many thanks to Michael for ripping it and passing it over! Been dying to hear the first piece of the puzzle for quite some time now. I’ve also uploaded the band’s second 12” from the same year, which sounds more in this vein as well.

The band’s label Native Records was also responsible for releases by They Must Be Russians, Darling Buds, UV Pop, and more. The two members of the band, Sean Maloney and Mark Swancott were rather prolific for the time, also releasing music as Count Zero, Success, and Tocsin. Both continued into the 1990s, releasing electronic/techno records.

Here’s the info:

Screaming Trees- Release 12” (Re-Ripped 12/9/22)
1. Release
2. Incinerator
3. Razors In My Mouth

Screaming Trees- Beaten By the Ugly Stick 12”
1. Build On Ice
2. Build On Dust
3. Damage Report

*download it here*

Revel Hotel- Phantasm

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The Station, out May 8th

Incandescent Luminaire- Famous Names 7”

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Quick request this weekend for Incandescent Luminaire’s lone 7” from 1982. Excellent minimal synth from the UK, featuring Mark White (formerly of ABC and Vice Versa). Nice duality on both sides- the a-side is a nice slice of minimal electronic pop, while the second is a more experimental affair, complete with rickety synth lines aggressive guitar textures. Perfect for fans of Testcard F, The Actor, and bands of that ilk.

Incandescent Luminaire- Famous Names 7”
1. Famous Names
2. The Warning

*download it here*

Jarvon Jol- The Dustcollector 12”

Posted in 1980s, 1984, darkwave, new wave, New York, new york city, synth, synthpop, US on April 17, 2012 by Frankie Teardrop

You may have seen this one over at Vinyl Obscurity in the past, but I’ve been playing this one out at the Wierd party for several years now with extremely positive results, so here’s a fresh rip from my own copy.  Speaking of which- for those who live nearby, be sure to check in at Home Sweet Home tomorrow night (4.18) for the US debut of UV Pop!  I’ll be on the decks with Caleb of Sacred Bones & Alessandro from Mannequin—-surely a night to remember!

An incredibly affordable synth/wave 12” from 1984, recorded and released here in New York.  The clear winner here is the title track, a dark and fast paced synth number with short stabs of guitar, a sinister refrain, and several references to London town.  The British references also carry over to the album cover, which depicts a photo of Shaftesbury Ave., the heart of London’s theatre district.  Perhaps the dustcollector is a player on the stage?

The flip is a more care-free pop tune with some shamelessly soulful female vocals in the background.  Not really my cup of tea but your mileage may vary.  However, the A-side more than does the trick for me, as this 12” never leaves my record bag.

Jarvon Jol- The Dustcollector 12”
1. The Dustcollector
2. It’s Time

*download it here* (RE-RIPPED 1.27.18)

Getting the Fear- Last Salute 12”/7”

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Here’s a request for Getting the Fear’s lone single, 1984’s Last Salute. Many folks may already be familiar with these guys via Southern Death Cult, as the majority of members formed this band after Ian Astbury disbanded SDC in favor of Death Cult with Billy Duffy. This was the band’s lone release, and soon after, Bee (Paul Hampshire) and Barry Jepson formed Into a Circle, who should need no introduction. The title track of Into a Circle’s debut 12” was also written by Getting the Fear and appears on a collection of practice demos and rehearsal tapes, previously uploaded here and here. Otherwise, here’s the entirety of Getting the Fear’s official discography, including both the 12” and 7” mix of the title track, a true synth/post-punk smash…

Getting the Fear- Last Salute 12”
1. Last Salute (Extended Mix)
2. Last Salute (Instrumental)
3. We Struggle

Getting the Fear- Last Salute 7”
1. Last Salute
2. We Struggle*

*download it here*

*same as the 12” version, so spared the duplicate mp3.

Μάκης Πρέκας (Makis Prekkas)- Recording Is An Art LP

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In stark contrast to yesterday’s guitar-heavy cassette, here’s an incredibly rare minimal synth LP from Greece, released in 1985. A mix of churning synths, psychedelic dirges, and experimental rhythms make up this release, a must hear for fans of Solid Space, Tranquil Eyes, Transparent Illusion, and bands of that caliber. There’s even a club-minded synthpop track (‘Morroco’) and a cut reminiscent of Damon Edge’s solo material (‘This is a Point’) hidden among the otherwise experimental set, so this should have something for everyone interested in the synth spectrum.

This is their only release, issued by Engima Records, an underground Greek label also responsible for Magic De Spell’s discography. Not a lot of info out there about this one, so let the music speak for itself:

Μάκης Πρέκας (Makis Prekkas)- Recording Is An Art LP
1. T 244
2. Control Room
3. That’s The Way Out
4. Kashmir
5. Morroco
6. Guitar
7. This Is A Point
8. Beki

*download it here*

Ausweis- Ausweis K7

Posted in 1980s, cassette, coldwave, goth, k7, post-punk with tags on April 10, 2012 by Frankie Teardrop

This one’s an especially rare treat for fans of bootlegs and live material. Fans of the French cold wave should already be familiar with Ausweis, who released several hard-hitting singles, a split, and a full length LP in the mid-80s. Seems as if they were the French answer to Killing Joke, with the pounding rhythms and arpeggiating synths, best displayed on tracks like “Jours De Haine” and “Pas Demain.” Despite the comparisons, I’ve always found the band to be especially vicious, having just as much in common with the first wave of synthpunk, including their country’s own Métal Urbain and co.

Either way, the band is an absolute staple as far as the French are concerned, and this tape compiles several live recordings from the band’s tenure. There’s no date assigned to it, but the tape was produced by the V.I.S.A. label, responsible for releases from Vox Populi, Clair Obscur, Die Bunker and the Pas Demain 7”, just to name a few. I’m guessing the tape is from 85, given that most of the live performances hail from that era. You can expect some of the same Ausweis classics to appear here, as well as several unreleased tracks exclusive to the band’s live set at the time. Obviously, the quality is hit or miss, given the source recordings, but I hope you’ll all agree that it’s a fitting snapshot of a vicious band in their natural habitat.

Ausweis- Ausweis K7
1. Mecanik
2. Doktor Diktature
3. Berlin
4. 1984
5. Exhibition
6. Ella Choice
7. Je N’Aime Plus Les Filles De Chez Dior
8. Eva
9. Dieu Est Mort
10. Phase Fatale
11. Red And Black (Spizzenergi cover)
12. Gangsters United
13. Murnau

*download it here*

For more info on the tape, including specific info on the performances each track was pulled from, check out the discogs page for more details!


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If you’ve found your way here, welcome to phase two of Systems of Romance.  As you can see, all the content from Blogger has been imported to this site, with all the posts and the comments from phase one still intact.  [Most of] the backlogs have been reuploaded to Rapidshare for now, pending any new options that may present themselves in the future.  Expect some improvements on several of the previous posts, as I’ve revisited a handful of the wav files that survived a hard drive crash to remove pops and clean up some of the mess wherever possible.  More importantly, we will be moving forward with gusto, so expect plenty of new posts to follow.

Many thanks to Hi-Fi Hillary for getting this website off the ground both functionally and aesthetically,  and thanks to everyone for the constant support over the past few weeks.  It has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated.  Onwards and upwards, folks!


Mecanica Popular- ¿Que Sucede Con El Tiempo? LP

Posted in 1980s, 1984, 1990, experimental, industrial, kosmiche, mecanica popular, minimal, minimal synth, spain, spanish on April 4, 2012 by Frankie Teardrop

Still continuing to drop the posts I had lined up while figuring out what, if anything, to do about the past. Looks like Rapidshare is the way to go for now, but who knows how long they’ll be off-the-radar, as they’ve apparently slowed DL rates to discourage illegal content. Too much in flux to really pin down a proper solution.

That said, here’s a gift from Bx-59cppw that I’ve been meaning to post for some time. Here we have the debut album from Mecanica Popular, a Spanish industrial/experimental duo. Originally released in 1994, this LP also saw a repressing in 1990, while their second LP was originally released in 1987 and appeared again in 2010.

A must hear for fans of Factrix, Dome, Throbbing Gristle, The Elephant Table LP, and other things that go bump and scrape in the night. There’s some nice grooves here and there that should also be right at home for fans of minimal synth and kosmiche music.

Mecanica Popular- ¿Que Sucede Con El Tiempo? LP
1. Impresionistas I
2. La Edad del Bronce
3. Impresionistas II
4. Quiero Irme
5. Siempre Tu
6. Impresionistas III
7. Estado Sólido
8. Galilea: Centro de Datos
9. Daguerrotipo
10. Ambrotipo
11. Plenilunio
12. Máquinas y Procedimientos
13. Impresionistas IV

*download it here*

For those fluent in Spanish, you can read more about the band here.