Jarvon Jol- The Dustcollector 12”

You may have seen this one over at Vinyl Obscurity in the past, but I’ve been playing this one out at the Wierd party for several years now with extremely positive results, so here’s a fresh rip from my own copy.  Speaking of which- for those who live nearby, be sure to check in at Home Sweet Home tomorrow night (4.18) for the US debut of UV Pop!  I’ll be on the decks with Caleb of Sacred Bones & Alessandro from Mannequin—-surely a night to remember!

An incredibly affordable synth/wave 12” from 1984, recorded and released here in New York.  The clear winner here is the title track, a dark and fast paced synth number with short stabs of guitar, a sinister refrain, and several references to London town.  The British references also carry over to the album cover, which depicts a photo of Shaftesbury Ave., the heart of London’s theatre district.  Perhaps the dustcollector is a player on the stage?

The flip is a more care-free pop tune with some shamelessly soulful female vocals in the background.  Not really my cup of tea but your mileage may vary.  However, the A-side more than does the trick for me, as this 12” never leaves my record bag.

Jarvon Jol- The Dustcollector 12”
1. The Dustcollector
2. It’s Time

*download it here* (RE-RIPPED 1.27.18)

3 Responses to “Jarvon Jol- The Dustcollector 12””

  1. Mike Brandon Says:

    where do you DJ again? in NYC? I’ll come out. hell yeah.

  2. Frankie Teardrop Says:

    hey Mike! I DJ every wednesday night at the WIERD party at home sweet home. lower east side. come out and say hey sometime!

  3. I wish there was more information on the people behind this release; their backstory and what became of them. I could find nothing online.

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