Getting the Fear- Last Salute 12”/7”

Here’s a request for Getting the Fear’s lone single, 1984’s Last Salute. Many folks may already be familiar with these guys via Southern Death Cult, as the majority of members formed this band after Ian Astbury disbanded SDC in favor of Death Cult with Billy Duffy. This was the band’s lone release, and soon after, Bee (Paul Hampshire) and Barry Jepson formed Into a Circle, who should need no introduction. The title track of Into a Circle’s debut 12” was also written by Getting the Fear and appears on a collection of practice demos and rehearsal tapes, previously uploaded here and here. Otherwise, here’s the entirety of Getting the Fear’s official discography, including both the 12” and 7” mix of the title track, a true synth/post-punk smash…

Getting the Fear- Last Salute 12”
1. Last Salute (Extended Mix)
2. Last Salute (Instrumental)
3. We Struggle

Getting the Fear- Last Salute 7”
1. Last Salute
2. We Struggle*

*download it here*

*same as the 12” version, so spared the duplicate mp3.

6 Responses to “Getting the Fear- Last Salute 12”/7””

  1. Hi! I cannot download these tracks! It says: Cannot open Files! It does not appear to be a valid archive!
    Please can you control?
    Thank you

  2. Frankie Teardrop Says:

    hi marco-
    all appears to be well here. rapidshare does take a bit of time to download, so make sure you let it finish before opening the zip file. clear your cache and give it another shot!

  3. Thank you Frankie! Now it’s all ok! This is a very good single!
    It’s possible to make you a request?
    I’m searching from long time three rare and old 7″ of the first 80s
    Acute Logic – Moroccan nights
    The Astronauts – I’m your astronaut
    Incandescent luminaire – Famous names
    Have you any of these to upload?
    Thank you and goodnight Marco

  4. Frankie Teardrop Says:

    hey marco-
    just posted the incandescent luminaire 7” here:

    i have the a-sides for both of the other two singles, but not the whole picture! hopefully someday!

  5. Jonathan Cridford Says:

    Hi Frankie,

    Always dug this band, but never really bonded with ‘Last Salute’ as a song. I just wondered if you had any of their demos lying around? Interesting fact, several live performances by GTF show that a large number of Into a Circle songs were reworkings of old material; ‘Reward’, ‘Flow’ and ‘Beneath Mikhail’ were all played live in ’85!

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